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  1. Thanks for that just got to convince the wife it's worth the extra cost :-)
  2. Hi guys just one more quick question will super unleaded make the car run better n would it matter if there is some normal unleaded still in the tank ?
  3. Lol you will need to get it off my wife I barely get to drive it myself lol
  4. Thanks for that mate didn't realise there was so much available for the car I thought I would struggle cheers Karl
  5. Thanks for the reply is the k&n dirrec replacement or does it need to be modified ?
  6. Cheers I've been thinking about the bluefin by superchips , not too bothered about fuel economy just think the car needs slightly more power than it has :-)
  7. Hi I'm new to this site and not sure this is the right place for this but does anyone know of a performance upgrade for the Mk 4 modeo 2.5 turbo thank Karl
  8. Welcome to the Ford forums Kc1984 :)