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  1. I have read some main dealers may give it a go but it is hit and miss.
  2. Bump! Anyone?
  3. Nath posted up a white ago that due to other commitments he no longer does the cruise retrofits. As above, you need to find someone with access to IDS to complete the install.
  4. I have a 7 mile journey to work in my DPF equipt Fiesta, 6 of which are dual-carriageway. It has an EGR blank, Bluefin remap, never sees a drop of supermarket diesel, and I'm yet to experience any issues in nearly 3 years. Knowing the potential of DPF failure, I make sure the car has a long run once a month and is serviced to death. Cats, DMF's, DPF's all have their faults, the biggest of which is people who do not understand them. A little understanding will make any part last the life of the car.
  5. I am aware Nath has other commitments and has stopped offering his services, is there anywhere else I could try with IDS who is prepared to made the software changes, preferably in the Milton Keynes or Cambridgeshire areas? Ta.
  6. There are several types of connectors depending on the year of the car. The easiest to retrofit is a post 2012 into a pre 2012 (car twin plug - stereo 24 pin single plug). You can make an adaptor out of parrot leads to bridge the gap. No one has yet to do the facelift/pre facelift swap as you have satnav and DAB in the mix but I'm sure someone will rise to the challenge!
  7. How warm do the ballasts get?
  8. Flashes when you deadlock.
  9. You can change between 1 and 3 flashes in the menu options on the stereo, I'd check the setting first.
  10. Having trawled the inter webs it seems you are not the first to have this issue. It seems to be a software problem which no one has yet to fix.
  11. As above you should still have all the radio options without an aerial plugged in. aren't you sure its a dab?
  12. Have you changed the aerial to a dab one?
  13. Cheers guys. The blufin has settled down so the mpg has returned to normal even with a spirited hoon every so often. *like*