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  1. My new 2.0 tdci titanium

    Lo James, Well whats the verdict on your Fokkus
  2. focus

    Lo WFC, With you having a heated windscreen how do you find when driving at night, oncoming cars' headlights. I have a heated front screen and yeah great during the winter but when driving at night the screen creates a massive 'star effect'. Its irritating me something bad.
  3. Which Focus to get?

    Lo OwenJ I own a Focus 2.0 diesel.Had it for about 3 years, its a 2005 model with 43k on the clock.It had 10k when I bought it. If you read 'Honest John's' page (Google it). I would recommend it. I do town and dual carriageway driving. Consumption excellent matched with performance,strange I know but it's true. Don't rule out the 2ltr. Best of luck p.s. I am impressed with the Ford build