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  1. Parcel Shelf Rubber Gromets Wanted.

    They look the same...will ask the seller...many thanks :)
  2. Parcel Shelf Rubber Gromets Wanted.

    I can't get the link to open..sorry :(
  3. Parcel Shelf Rubber Gromets Wanted.

    No worrys..thanks for trying.
  4. Parcel Shelf Rubber Gromets Wanted.

    A single would be great... They are about an inch square...here's what they look like please let me know if it's the same and how much you want for it. Thanks Ray.
  5. Hi everyone. Can anyone please tell me where I can buy the small rubber gromets/buffers that sit either side on the top of the parcel shelf...I believe they stop the shelf from moving. They fit in to small holes in the parcel shelf. It's for a Fiesta on a J reg...mk 3 if I am correct. I have tried everywhere and no one seems to sell them. Any help or advice as to where I can get one or two from would be very much appreciated. Thanks.
  6. Welcome to the Ford forums H7000 :)