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  1. What model is my fiesta?

    Thanks that's helpful
  2. What model is my fiesta?

    Thanks for your reply - very helpful
  3. What model is my fiesta?

    Thanks for your reply - really helpful
  4. What model is my fiesta?

    Thanks for your reply, I will check the logbook when it comes through all i have at the moment is the V5C/2 tear off section so not much detail on there. helpful advice too about the possible variation of the parcel shelf.
  5. What model is my fiesta?

    Hi I have just bought a 1.25 LX fiesta, it is an n reg, registered in Feb 1996, has a petrol engine i have been told it's a zetec but i am not really sure what that means! It has 5 doors and I would like to replace the parcel shelf as the one in there is not in very good condition, when I look on ebay there seem to be loads of different models and i haven't a clue which one mine is, I also want to get a haynes manual but again there are so many variations to choose from. is anyone able to tell me more detail as to the type/model that i have? What mark etc... sorry to be so naive but i've just joined and keen to learn! Thanks Sharon
  6. Hi to all

    Hi, I bought a Fiesta yesterday, it's a 1.25 LX N reg and that's about all I know! I am new to all this but my son seems to spend most of his waking hours on the Polo owners forum so I thought I would check out what I am missing out on in terms of helpful information. Hope to speak with some of you soon Sharon