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  1. New Clutch Or Just Cable?

    hi everyone first post on here so pls bear with lol i have a 1994 mk5b escort cabriolet si. i have had the car 14 months and havent had to really do anything apart from tyres ect. recently the car started to sputter. its not like when you low on petrol but just doesnt want to pull a bit like it is just hesitating. if your going normal (with your foot gently on pedal) and then wack your foot down she hesitates before pulling. you can also smell the clutch burning occasionally. she done 93000 miles so i know she will need a new clutch at some point but i'm expecting to have my baby soon and was wandering if i could maybe get away with replacing just the cable or would a whole new clutch/ gearbox oil change be the only way? Thanks all!
  2. Welcome to the Ford forums k6lee88 :)