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  1. Here some pics of the car, this is the 08 Van diemen with Duratec 1.6 engine, approx 150hp and 525kg. good for 145-150 mph at the faster tracks. its a cool tool!
  2. Lol Just don't want to come across as some spoiled idiot! your ok guys, i won't take it personally! )
  3. Sorry guys, how do you tell people about this kind of job without appearing or sounding like a show off?? lol I'm really not in real life i promise!!!
  4. Ok so this one isn't Ford themed, but we thought we had better cover 2 wheels as well, so here i "The Rider" Enjoy and please leave all feedback, Good or Bad!
  5. Excellent, will do!
  6. Been signed in for a few days now and thought i would say hi. I do not currently own a Ford road car, but i do have a couple of Zetec engined Formula Fords sitting at home. I currently reside in the Middle East where i'm employed as the Head Instructor at Bahrain International Circuit. I would love to tell you all its a naf job and i pray each day would pass quickly so i can get home......................... But that would be a blatant lie!!! I have owned plenty of old school Fords, Cortina's Escort Mk2 and 3's XR3I's XR4i's and a cossie, plus a few XR2's and the obligatory Orion 1.6ghia! guess i was a bit of a boy racer when i was younger Am loving my Mustangs at the moment, we have a few nice ones that come to the track regularly. as part of my duties i'm expected to drive them every now and again :0) they just give smiles per miles. Please check out my vid i posted of a film we shot in June of this year. the more hits i get the more money my sponsors will front up for racing. am hoping to be back in the UK this October for a serious effort at winning the Formula Ford Festival at Brand hatch. We will have the film crew with us, and the next one will be bigger, better, and more dramatic! Thanks for reading, and have a great day!
  7. Yep you got it, they where very kind to let us use it.
  8. A Newly released short film following driver Gavin Halls as he attempts to make a comeback to professional driving after a 5 year break. He enters the UK Eurocup round of British Formula Ford at Brands Hatch in June of 2012. Some great in car action shots. fly on the wall and behind the scenes footage of what go in to a weekends racing, the highs and the lows!
  9. Welcome to the Ford forums Flyingfarrier :)

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      Thanks Steve. Great forum!