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  1. I got some over revving when my clutch was about to die, but not 1500 idle!
  2. more like that? link:
  3. Hi Barnsey have some decent stuff in too :)
  4. I just did it, it was 22 on the back and 24 on the front, its now 26 back 28 front. Im gonna have a spin later, so hopefully it feels nicer lol Thanks for the input :) EDIT: Took it out for a spin and it was so much better, I used Rookwise's pressures and you could feel the difference especially over speed humps! Im taking it out loaded tomorrow so I can see the other side of things :)
  5. Decisions decisions..... I need air in my drivers side really badly but feel spoilt for choice with my tyre pressures! lol The general feel is: rear 26 front: 28-34 So I might give rear 26 front 30 a whirl and see how that goes! Thanks for all your input, much appreciate chaps :)
  6. Those pressure ok loaded and by yourself? Or doesn't it make much difference?
  7. good stuff thanks zetec :) I mostly drive alone, besides the shopping and schools runs ;)
  8. lol best road test I have ever seen! great clip :)
  9. I wondered if anyone can help. I have been looking for tyre pressures for my X reg 2001 ford fiesta. I have found many conflicting pressures across the web and its left me at a total loss! I have found things such as: Loaded: Front 36 - Rear 26 Speed: Front 36 - Rear 40 Is that anywhere near right? I mean isn't 40 a bit much for a little car? Thanks for your help in advance :)