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  1. cheers neil ford changed mine last but i'll have a look would this cause low fuel pressure warning codes? cheers agian
  2. so the air bubbles shouldnt be there? and if the air bubbles are before the pump is that causing it to throw the codes up? any ideas on the best way to find the leak ? cheers
  3. alright people just a quick questions my car is showing fault codes p120f and p0002 which relate to fuel pressure but if i look at the fuel lines after the fuel filter and before the fuel pump there are air bubbles in there is this normal ? if not is their any think common that causes it ? the car is a 2.0 ltr diesel 59 reg zetec s cheers if you can help
  4. i forgot to ask any one had anything similar with their ford? cheers
  5. cheers for the help stef neil ive asked around and my mate knows a diesel specialist so i will see what his says but i might hold you to that cheers
  6. its just the both started at the same time that why i think its related ford told me the fuel and regulator are as one on mine and they are about £200 do you happen to know if thats true ?
  7. yeah one up by reading do you think thats my best bet then ? i was hoping some one on here made have seen it before what do you think about the esp light? cheers stef
  8. hi guys can some one please help because ford cant the car is a 59 reg focus ztec s 2.0 diesel it seems to drive fine but we keep getting the engine light come on and off also some times esp light comes on and stays on until you turn it on and off its been to ford and they dont know what to do the fault codes are p120f p0002 so far all they have done is changed the fuel filter but nothings changed next they want to change the fuel pump at £800 odd but not sure if it will fix it so any help i will love you long time cheers les
  9. Welcome to the Ford forums Les zetec s :)