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  1. Couldn't believe it! First time and hopefully the last I'll do that, big key ring on now to stop it happening again imagine doing that and being stuck in the middle of no where! surely ford will address that issue..
  2. Managed to drop my keys down the gap between the handbrake and the central console today took 1hr to fish the keys out! The gaps only an inch but managed to drop them down, need a bigger key ring lesson learnt!
  3. Ohh ok I must have sync 1 with not having a touch screen
  4. Sorry what's sync 2? I'm a little out of it haha
  5. I've got one but I used Velcro tape instead works a treat!
  6. Yes like you say works for some people, just need to do your research I suppose!
  7. I used to have a PCP worst thing I did looking at my mileage all the time to make sure I'm not over. Finally moved off it last year with my ztec s.
  8. I've got a 3yr service in May what should I expect?
  9. That's good to hear never used then before so something new, what are the tyre pressure sensors?
  10. I've ordered 2 today for fitting Friday! I can't find them cheaper so looks like a good buy. ill have a look Phil thanks.
  11. Cheapest I've got is halfords auto centre £80 each fitted and balanced includes VAT. Conti sport contact 5's
  12. Sounds like there getting good reviews the sport contact 5's
  13. Thanks everyone, ill have a look around then £86 per tyre fitted for continetal sport 5's is the cheapest I've found so far. ideally want them fitted in the price
  14. Ok thanks I'll double check I never let it get below 32 check the pressure most weeks.
  15. Hi Tom didn't think about the rotation got the bus in the end! I've been given a few quotes today dave £99 each at ford but the best I've found is the continental sport contact 5 from halfords auto centre £85 fitted and balanced etc or 2 plus 10% off. the continental I presume is a good tyre? I don't drive it mental I just think I've hit a pot hole the trackings moved and warn without me looking. I checked the pressure yesterday and there all on 32 which is what I normally keep them all on, should it be more?