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  1. Thank you for the reply that explains it all for me! the other question about ambient lighting what do they class as this? I used to have a glovebox strip light the holes are there for one buts it's not there. thanks
  2. I've had these fitted X-ray vision I think it's called at the ford garage before picking up my car yesterday. On my old car you used to get a picture on the screen of a car and bars moving depending how close you are to something, for some reason this one just beeps there's no visual. is this how it should be? Thanks
  3. Great thanks for the reply! ive come from a zetec s 125bhp so hoping to see the difference. its not got a Sony stereo the standard ford one.
  4. In fact it doesn't list sync on that link
  5. It has sync that must be it then
  6. Thanks the problem I have is I don't have the car yet til next week I'll have to phone the ford dealer!
  7. Anyone help on my issue? Thanks
  8. Thanks it's got Less Bluetooth so does that mean it hasn't got it I thought that was standard?
  9. Great little tip! Thanks for that I've been out test driving it today absolutely beautiful to drive!! I didn't check if it had Bluetooth or stop start but I presume this is standard now?? managed to get £8k for mine thought it was a fair price?
  10. Ok thanks I think this one has the standard system fitted can you upgrade to the Sony as an after market upgrade?
  11. Haha I wouldn't attempt it myself knowing my luck I'd lose something or break it!
  12. I go to told at ford it's a factory option and can't be fitted after it's been produced. :(
  13. Hi Gary, that doesn't sound great at all!! Would it depend on the area you live in and can you also switch to FM when you have a dab?
  14. Hi brad, does told me I won't see much between the mpg of my current zetec s 1.0 so I'm hopeful aslong as it's driven correctly sure you'll be fine! i used to drive mine to work that was 60 mile round trip I used a tank a week about £50. I'm going Friday to check mine again and any issues they've got a week to fix them then before picking it up! i am gutted I'll be giving up power assisted mirrors and puddle lights :(
  15. Sure I'll get some up once I have it! One of my concerns is the mpg vs the ztec s 125bhp?