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  1. Fusion towbar wiring

    Hoping someone can help me with some know how advice please. I have just purchased a towbar (minus the electrics) for my 2009 Fusion. I have no issues with the fitting of the towbar, however I would like to know a little more about the towbar wiring. On previous vehicles I have used 7 core cable and connected straight into the wiring loom at the rear of the vehicle using scotch locks. I do vaguely recall someone telling me last year shortly after I purchased my Fusion that you can not wire a Fusion towbar electrics straight into the wiring loom with scotch locks as the ECU will throw a "wobbly". Anyone confirm or deny please.
  2. Fusion 1.4 tdci injector seals

    Cam cover/intake manifold all one piece....................what a daft design that was Yes injector seats cleaned properly before fitting new seals.............converted an old grinding stick and placed a small circular piece of not too course emery cloth on the bottom. I didn`t replace the leak off pipes last time but have odered a new set as there appears to be a small seepage of diesel escaping from one of the leak off pipe connectors. I have also obtained a good second hand injector from a trusted supplier ( comes with a guarantee ). Hopefully will have a go this coming weekend at trying to get everything sorted
  3. Fusion 1.4 tdci injector seals

    Thank you very much for your reply and the details you supply. I`ll do as you mention before stripping down. No point dismantling everything and disabling the car, might as well sort prices and arrange a rebuild first.
  4. Fusion 1.4 tdci injector seals

    Thank you for your reply m1tch. There is no chuffing at idle and the fuel filter was changed in April this year at the last service. It appears that No 4 injector is actually nearest the timing belt end just as iantt mentioned in his post. I am going to strip off the rocker/cam cover again this weekend and try to investigate further. Got a shock when I discovered the price of a replacement injector and subsequent recoding price.
  5. Fusion 1.4 tdci injector seals

    Many thanks Martin and iantt for your replies. I am still using the car at the moment as I dont want to strip anything out until I have a definitive answer regarding the position of No 4 injector. I plan on calling in on an independent garage who has been recommended to see if they can confirm. I would also like to know ( I will ask the garage this question as well ) if I get my injector reconditioned whether it needs coding to my car. Many thanks
  6. Fusion 1.4 tdci injector seals

    Thanks very much Martin for taking the time to reply to my post. I did ponder putting some injector cleaner in but I could only find Wynns petrol injector cleaner in the shop I visited. Halfords list their own diesel injector cleaner but I refrained from purchasing this as own brands have been known not to be quite so effective as named brands Anyway, I took the car for a diagnostic check and I was informed there was a multiple missfire on No 4 injector. This has now caused another conundrum. Which is No 4 injector? As you look at the engine from the front with the timing belt on the left and the battery on the right hand side then which is No 4 injector? Is it the one nearest the timing belt or the one on the right hand side nearest the battery? Dont really want to be replacing the wrong one, would appreciate a definitive answer as all I can find at the moment is the firing order. Many thanks in advance
  7. Fusion 1.4 tdci injector seals

    I have just replaced the injector seals on my Fusion 1.4 tdci as the car was missing slightly every now and again plus there was a smell of diesel. The car starts ok but the slight missing is now even more obvious and I am kind of thinking I may have an injector playing up as it goes into limp mode when the engine hesitates/misses. I am taking it for a diagnostic check, early next week as this is the soonest appointment available, hoping this will help confirm the cause. Anyone else had this experience and just wondering whether injector cleaner would be worth a try? Many thanks in anticipation.
  8. Ford Focus 1.8 Zetec Estate Over Revving.

    Hi, Many thanks for taking the time to reply to my post. Since I placed my original post I have done some more research and it appears you could be correct with your suggestion of Throttle Position Sensor, however, it seems equally probable that it could also be the Idle Control Valve. I suppose its a toss of the coin to decide which option to choose or maybe see which costs less to do and make that the first option. Any advice on using pattern parts or genuine parts for these type of repairs?
  9. Hi, I`ve recently joined this forum and I apologise in advance if anyone if offended or annoyed if this topic has already been covered or mentioned previously. I`ve recently accquired a W Regn Ford Focus 1.8 Zetec Estate, I drove it home from the place of purchase, a distance of about 40 miles, and found on about three ocassions that the car would suddenly incease the revs upto about 4000rpm. It appeared to do this whilst driving through towns when coming upto a junction or roundabout. I tried flicking the throttle pedal, pulling throttle pedal upwards without any success. The only way the revs seem to fade away would be to free wheel and dip the clutch, if I raised the clutch pedal too soon the revs would continue to rise again. Eventually the revs would die down and return to their normal 800 rpm idling. Is this a common problem? Any suggestions on a possible cause and what would be needed to fix the problem. Many thanks in advance for all replies.
  10. Welcome to the Ford forums Sierra Charlie :)