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  1. Door Handle Scratches

    Scratched my black focus pretty bad, it seems to have scratched pretty deep on the door handles, which i think are some sort of plastic. what's the best and cheapest way to remove these scratches?
  2. Focus Door Lock Stuck

    New to the focus (2005 mk2). i was driving all well and fine until it came to getting out of my focus, the drivers door wouldnt let me out. The top part of the interior lock seems to be stuck on lock and no matter what i do, (unlocking the car, pushing the lock in and out) it wont return to its original position. surprisingly it will still lock, but in order to get out of the drivers door, i have to wind down the window and open the lock by opening the car door from the outside. following this, i thought the door lock was simply stuck, so i continued to pull the handle harder and the bottom part of the lock (handle you pull to get out), seems to have come unstuck but still wont let me out. Wondering what i should do and if its possible to fix it cheaply?
  3. Welcome to the Ford forums dexter91 :)