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  1. Why No Ford Cougar Club?

    Surely I'm not the one and only. . as Chesney sang!! Sent from my GT-N7105 using Ford OC mobile app
  2. Looking For Ford Cougar Filler Pipe

    Looks like i may have sourced one from http://www.windleysalvage.co.uk/ Thanks BigD
  3. Why no Ford Cougar club? the Puma is there??
  4. Looking For Ford Cougar Filler Pipe

    Advised by Ford the part is no longer available :-(
  5. Looking For Ford Cougar Filler Pipe

    Hi, thanks for all the replies, the car is an 'X' Reg, first registered 09/2000, would I have to contact Ford and use the above number? cheers
  6. Looking For Ford Cougar Filler Pipe

    Here's hoping, tried countless breakers but no joy, if you gain access next week i'd be grateful if you gave us a shout cheers
  7. Having trouble locating a Ford Cougar fuel filler pipe, my ones rotted away :( any ideas? cheers
  8. Hi Just bought and fitted a fuel filter to my 2000 Cougar only to go break the plastic hairpin type clips (as can be seen in the attached pic) that hold it to the fuel pipe. Cannot find these clips to buy anywhere :( Ford UK have them but they are only supplied with their fuel filter. Anyone know of a supplier where i can get a couple. cheers
  9. Welcome to the Ford forums sprinterstu :)