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  1. Hi chaps! Was just wondering if some of you fine chaps may offer some advice on some wheel bolts. I have a Mk2.5 Focus Zetec S Sportpack with the 18" alloys (akin to the ST wheels but much tamer). Basically, the bolts that are fitted as standard seem to have a floating metal cover on the very top of the bolts. A recent chat with an ATS mechanic, he mentioned that after a few goes with a windy gun the metal covers featured on these bolts come lose and will rattle when the vehicle is in motion. This is the case with the bolts on my car. However, one bolt has even shed this top cover now so if I had a puncture i'm doubtful that the wheel brace / bolt remover would fit this particular bolt anymore. It also happens to look quite rubbish, so i'm looking to replace the entire set. The ATS chap mentioned that apparently Ford have recognised this issue and manufacter standard bolts without the top cover which comes lose over time. Could anyone here confirm which type / fitment of bolt I would need before I waste my money? Would be much appreciated. Thank you. EDIT: This is the type of alloy fited to my Focus.
  2. Cheers lads. Had a feeling that (Jimrex's point) would be the case. And yes Stoney. There is a booklet which i have browsed but it doesn't say much other than highlight a website address (which also doesn't solve the mystery). I will ask at a Ford dealer. See if they are able to apply updates to a non-USB car. Shouldn't be too difficult for them to sort....
  3. What Has Happened To My Wiper?!

    Nice one for the photos mate. Keep at it. Also, where abouts are you from? Tell us the name of the garage so we can avoid...
  4. Cheers mate. Here's hoping we solve the mystery! I've only the 3.5 jack Aux input... no USB in my car. Cheers mate. Yeah, that's the thing, i've played music via the Aux which is situated in the glove box. Just ended up being a massive pain, stretching to change tracks via the phone, stuff falling out of the glove box. I put thought into re-routing the Aux cable round the back of the dash and maybe bringing it out neatly to the left of the gear stick for ease of use in conjuntion with a phone mount (just purchased a Brodit side dash mount and clip). But thought i'd ask about Bluetooth first. To see if it's possible, and if so, what the sound quality is like. I don't mind about having to change tracks via the phone as with the Brodit it'll be well within reach and stable. If it turns out not possible, the car is due a service/MOT next month, so will take it to Ford and ask them about it and any software updates that the car would be needing to get this function working. Still open for any information from fellow members here. Anyone with a Focus (without USB option) got it working? Would appreciate your help. Cheers.
  5. Hello, My first post after following the forum for a little while. Impressed with all the information available. I was wondering if any of you chaps are playing music/media via Bluetooth with an iPhone 4? If it is possible, how did you go about it? Would be great to hear a step-by-step list of how to get it working. I've got my phone sync'd and working perfectly for calls and was just wondering if it is possible to get music on my phone to play via Bluetooth. I did search the forum but this yieled no results (that I could see). Ford Focus 59 plate Zetec S - Standard 6000 stereo. Aux In but no USB. iPhone 4. Many thanks.
  6. Welcome to the Ford forums RCB :)