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  1. Hi all, new to the forum ,but not to the scene,-ive been a capri club member for longer than i can rem ember,and recently joined the escort cabrio club,irun a 2.8 inj turbo technics capri spec,and recently found a mint cabrio in a barn, looking to modify this one ,but subtily,as im hardly the boy racer type, and car is so clean it desrves it, already done a brake conversion to all round discs,better exhaust.induction kit,and engine dress, now looking for ideas to improve its looks ,all suggestions welcome ,thanks doug (fylde coast)
  2. North Westerners...

    ok well add another fylde coast renegade,hi all Dougs the name ,driving two great blue ovals, not at the same time though lol
  3. Welcome to the Ford forums highlanderdd63 :)