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  1. Automatic Headlight Sensor

    the sensor for the auto headlights/wipers is mounted onto the windscreen behind the cowling for the rear view mirror not on the mirror its self this will require a new windscreen if you are doing this mod as there is a mounting bracket on the screen that the sensor sits into you would also need a new rear veiw mirror as this also has a different fitment to the screen
  2. Passenger Footwell Flooded

    this is a comon fault with the mark 1 focus it is recomended that when replacing the pollen filter or when having a replacment screen that the near side panel is replace and sealed to the screen if this is not done it will allow water to enter into the passanger footwell through the pollen filter many garages dont do this when they are serviced causing this problem the cheapest soloution to this problem is to remove the panel and use silicone sealant along the edge of the panel and then replace the panel sealing it to the glass this will rectify the problem
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