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  1. Found online with the part number and bought! Thanks Haddock Dec
  2. You sir are a gentleman. Dec
  3. Hi there, I recently lost the cover that stops moisture / dust etc getting into the headlight of my mk2.5 focus. Does anybody know where I could source such a part Attached is a pic of the part Regards, D
  4. Ive been having this issue for months. Have had it with 3 different mechanics (Ford included) blocked the EGR valve, the issue went away for 6 months, but its back recently
  5. Hi guys, phantom thank you for your reply. I have blocked off the EGR and there has been no repeat of the issue since. I'm keeping my fingers crossed it does not reoccur. Dec
  6. Hi Guys, I will def look at doing the EGR change in the future. Since I have talked to you last my mechanic and Ford have said the fact that my ELOYs fluid was low, and this could have been causing the chugging... So they refilled the ELOYS tank....reset the DPF I have no experience of this ELOYs tank, has anyone ever heard of it causing such an issue? The car still chugged for 48hours after the replacement, but it has levelled off in the last 2 days I am going to take it for a long spin tonight to see if problem is persisting, Could it take a while for the ELOYs fluid to regenerate? meaning should I expect the chugging to stop immediatly once the ELOYs fluid was inserted? Thanks again, Dec
  7. Thanks for your reply. With regards the DPF, I do not get a warning light for regeneration, but, my mechanic has said that through the onboard diagnostics he uses its signalled that the DPF is not regenerating fast enough, so he is talking to Ford tomorrow to get the Ellios fluid to refill the filler tank as when we looked in that tank at the weekend it seemed empty, so hopefully thats a step in the right direction. Also what do you mean by blocking off the EGR valve? Dec
  8. A new fuel filter was put in it when the problems started because i got it serviced at that point. Thanks for reply. Dec
  9. Hi all, I don't make many posts here, like to observe and read through some of the posts more than posts. Anyway I have been having issues with my Focus in recent months I have brought it to 2 different mechanics and they still happen. I thought I might post here and some of ye might be able to point me in the direction of the the root cause of the issue. A bit of background on the car, its a Titanium Focus, 2008 with DPF 109BHP. I bought it in Doncaster 18 months ago and brought it over to Ireland, re-registered etc and am delighted with the car. It have given me no problems until now. About 3 months ago I was driving home and the car started chugging. When I say chugging the car was simply cruising and it started kicking back at me or missing something for a split second, there was no loss of power just this kick from the front of the car back to me, and it can feel quite severe and uncomfortable. Brought it to a mechanic who worked for Ford in the past and he told me the car had an issues with the Cat, DPF and the jets. So one jet was replaced, the Cat was replaced and there was some kind of liquid put into the DPF (or some little tank that is linked to it) Drove the car for another 3 weeks and it was working perfect again, until the dreaded chugging started. Another mechanic told me the DPF was filling with soot, and to bring it out on the motorway and drive it in high revs to blow the soot out of the dpf. But the intermittent chugging continues. I have observed that the problem occurs mostly when I go under a half tank, and gets more severe the lower the dial gets on fuel gauge. When I am about to come onto the reserve the car has cut out when i come to a stop if its been chugging. (On a side note The fuel gauge in the past hasn't risen in the after i fill the tank immediately but that may not have be associated with this) The local Ford dealer is looking at it also but they are saying its a different DPF set up on it as its a UK import and some little tank connected to the dpf that drops liquid into the dpf could be causing this. Also some folks have told me that the focus has electric fuel sensors and electric pump and these may be dirty?? Nonetheless I am clueless with the nuts and bolts of cars. If anybody could shed any light on what I have just said I would be hugely grateful. Dec
  10. Welcome to the Ford forums decky_eire :)