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  1. he eventually figured out what was wrong. part of the long plastic stalk that goes in to the plastic top was broken in the old filter
  2. he managed to get fuel through the filter but its !Removed! fuel out the bottom... we blew through the filter and there was air coming out the bottom... blew through the old filter and nothing through the bottom, so im going to get another filter and try again
  3. its been a long time since i been here, reason being we got rid of our mk2 1.6 tivct focus saloon for a 2.2 diesel civic as the saloon was going to cost us too much to repair with its engine problems. any how one of my mates has bought a mk3 1.6 tdci and asked me to get him some service bits (all the filters basically) he's a bike mechanic and he replace the fuel filter and asked me to bring the diesel fuel priming pump from my work to blead it, after about 1/2 hour trying, no fuel was coming up. we went to his work to get the syringe they use to suck fuel out of bike tanks and still nothing. the fuel filter only has 2 connections, 1 going to the fuel rail and 1 im guessing from the tank. is it just a case of keep at it with the hand pump/syringe or would it be easier to vacuum suck it using a pela 6000 oil extractor?
  4. have you put the right calliper on the right side?
  5. do you have projection lens headlights fitted? if so you will have a lever inside the headlight to flatten the flick to the left. if not then the stickers will do the same.
  6. dont forget to tell the DVLA of the engine swap
  7. my mate tried that with his brothers impreza and he said that the clutch didnt slip. i told him to put it in 5th at 30 and floor it it slipped
  8. best way to check for a slipping clutch is to put it in 5th at 30 and floor it. if the revs rise faster than the speed, the clutch is knackered.
  9. no fuel filter fitted to the ti-vct engine. i say stop being tight and tank it and then see what your getting. my mums saloon gets 27-30 MPG round town and a tank last about 300-325 miles
  10. Volvos used to have troubles with a similar problem and it turned out the throttle required recalibrating. we'd plug it in to VIDA, Volvos diagnostic machine and in there we would recalibrate the throttle. what it would do is open and close the throttle butterfly several times. if it passed the car would go back to the customer, if it failed... i dont know what happened next as everyone i did passed.
  11. you think your quotes are bad Edward... mine are worse. my mum, who is 56, pays £400 for a 1.6 petrol, 55 reg (2006 registered) focus saloon with my dad as a named driver and she had well over 7 years NCB. when we were looking to replace out MK1 focus we got a quote for a 2.0 petrol honda civic and it was £800, DOUBLE what we were paying for out focus with the same size engine i drive a 1.1 petrol, 55 reg (2005 registered) smart forfour with my mum as a named driver. i have (now) 4 years NCB with 1 claim to my name and i payed £660 for the year.. whilst looking for 'cheaper quotes' the cheapest i found was just under £1000 and they went all the way up to £9000!!!! im only 26 and in STILL getting quotes close to and over £1000 . im sure that insurance companies think of a number then double it!
  12. nothing wrong with driving with your headlights on... Volvo have been doing this for years. my mums focus has auto lights and seem to work as they should... although i have noticed that they switch to sidelights for a while before switching off. iv notices this in several occasions whilst driving through the tunnels on the Leeds inner ring road and then coming up the slip road from under the car park to the traffic lights at the top where the old Halifax bank HQ (i think) was.
  13. have you had the fuel filter changed?
  14. have you read the hand book to see what the symbol means? could you take a picture and post it on here so we know what we are looking at
  15. have you checked the oil level? diesels will run on there own oil until they seize.