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  1. Hi all, Have recently purchased a ford mondeo 2ltr diesel and so far it's been a dream. Serviced at 82,000 miles and have just surpassed the 100,000 mark (which i believe means it's time for it's major service?) Anyway, over the last week, i have noticed tha turning left, the steering wheel seems a bit more harder and more importantly, it sometimes stalls when slowing down. Th oil and engine light appear but the car literally cuts out. I can turn the car back on and continue driving but as you can imagine, its a bit of a safety risk. Would anybody have an idea what this could be? Any help would be much apprciated Thanks Andrew
  2. Hi all, Hope you are well on this sunny saturday! Just wondered if someone could help. I have a ford mondeo ghia which had a replacementg battery. Since then I have had no radio but have managed to obtain the radio key code. After 4 previous attempts, i now have the status whereby it is asking me to wait but the countdown clock does not move untillyou turn the radio off and on again (For example, it displays 3:00 and is static, if you turn the raio off and on again after a minute, it changes to 2:00) by continuously turning the radio off and on, I get to 00:00 and wait is displayed and that's it - nothing else happens. If I switch the engine off for a log period of time, it goes back to 30 mins and begins the process again? Any help would be appreciated Andrew
  3. Welcome to the Ford forums whagwan76 :)