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  1. Is cruise control working on the 2.5l ST/RS engine yet?
  2. Check the wires, one of the connections has 2 wires going into it.
  3. We've bought one over at There is a thread where you can pay and get auto power folds for £15
  4. Plugs connect into the module
  5. I thought about doing that but didn't try it in the end. I will try it when I get a chance. I'm at the stage where I'll try anything lol
  6. Correct, ST/RS did not have factory cruise control, nor was it an option. Maybe you are right, PCM may not support cruise. I don't know anyone that has cruise control on their ST. I am not giving up yet.
  7. When I press '+' the light still doesn't go on. I have tried at 50mph. Cruise is enabled in GEM, HEC and PCM. I have all the pedal switches and wires.
  8. When I read VID-block, integrated speed control is ticked. I will try again with pressing 'on' after engine start. I have a light on my dash for cruise control (I checked it with led test 'trick'). The light does not light up when pressing the 'on' button.
  9. Ford buttons mate, I have a 4 spoke steering wheel.
  10. This is doing my head in. The car can "see" the buttons as I have tested them with the rear heater switch "trick" I have all the wiring and switches present. I have activated cruise in GEM, HEC and PCM with ELMConfig 0.2.11c Could there be a fuse or relay that I need? Or is it only possible to do this in IDS?
  11. The software number on my PCM is 10/10/2007 Under firmware number it says N/A Would a PCM update help?
  12. I have done this and get the "Writing VID-block completed" confirmation Cruise still doesn't work. The car can detect the buttons as they all play a sound when I use the rear heater switch "trick" For some reason I can't add pictures so I can't upload the screenshot of ELMconfig I'm pressing ON the + to activate cruise on the steering wheel buttons. Is there a minimum speed before cruise works?