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  1. So the usb would work with any pen drive like usb stick? <_<
  2. My New Fiesta Titanium

    looool the guy at the showroom, went through everything, I like the bluetooth since I can answer calls without taking the phone out of the pocket!! ;)
  3. My New Fiesta Titanium

    about 11,495.... its really a nice car but I have always driven petrol cars so having a diesel it litte weired, hopefully I should get used to it B)
  4. My New Fiesta Titanium

    Here you go some pics I could not take a lot since it started to rain :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P
  5. My New Fiesta Titanium

    only a few hours to go until I pick up my fiesta ;) :D
  6. My New Fiesta Titanium

    What are the spec on your new fiesta? :D
  7. My New Fiesta Titanium

    Yeh its comes with the usb, bluetooth, and voice thing lool I dunno if that extra or standard :P :P
  8. My New Fiesta Titanium

    Yeh its a nice car and it drives really well but when I test drove the new fiesta it was like "I gotta have this" the looong wait until monday seems to take forever loool
  9. Show Us Your First Cars!

    Note: Images used off the net since I did not have any of my own :P My 1st car 95 Fiat Punto SX My 2nd and Current Car 07 Ford Fesita Zetec Hopefully By Monday ;) 59 Ford Fiesta Titanium
  10. My New Fiesta Titanium

    Can`t wait :P :P its going to be a part exchange with the current fiesta I got :ph34r:
  11. My New Fiesta Titanium

    yeh was looking through their used car list and found the perfect car for me, I test drove the car but have to wait until Next Monday since I was not happy the back alloys were scratched so they going to sort that out B)
  12. Lonnnng time no see, have not been here for sometime loool Going to pick up my new fiesta on Monday well it sort of used like.... 6 month old but everything is clean and it drives really well :lol: :blink: once I get the car I would upload sum pictures :P :P
  13. Speakers on a ford fiesta mk7

    Its a 2007 Fiesta I think its a mk6 sorry my mistake :P Nav