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  1. You need IDS or go to a ford garage. Instructions: Firstly check calibration number in PCM programming and write it down. Then shut down IDS and this time let IDS connect to the car with IGnition OFF. After some time you will get to a point where it says that a new PCM might be installed. Leave Ign off and get to screen wheree it asks for PCMN calibration number. Enter the one you previously wrote dowm. Now go to programming, Module install and program PCM, it will then go through all the options fitted like cruise control (speed control) You need to reprogram PCM with the speed control active. Though you have to fool it by thinking you have installed a new PCM. Have ignition off whilst IDS is connecting. Then pick model manually and you will need PCM part number. You can get this on the programming page. Then it will go through various configuration questions about what is fitted to vehicle.
  2. Do you know the consequences of switching fusebox From: 4M5T-14A073-CJ To: 4M5T-14A073-DG It might be other parameters that change besides the possibility of cruise control? http://blog.autopartscheaper.com/?p=38
  3. 2. Hardware Description. Adapter built in a translucent body OBD-connector factory performance. The board LEDs, reflecting modes. Connecting to a computer - via USB. food provided from USB-port. Consumption during the message, not more than 70-80 mA. By car adapter is connected via the diagnostic OBD-II connector for a "fast" and "slow» CAN-bus (transmission rate of 500 kbit / s and 125 kbit / s, respectively). Switching between the tires in the work is done automatically depending on the function. Indication for operation (LED) - for the old version of the board: For the new version of the adapter display simplified and only contains two LEDs: A). Red - Display data from the PC adapter and back. B). Green or other colors - Display mode: frequent blinking - the adapter is active and rare - in passive mode (disconnected from bus).
  4. Translated some of the pdf. Says it transfer highspeed and lowspeed can
  5. Going to a garage that dont have IDS but Bosch-adapter and software and i have read that they also can access PCM. Hope for the best. He wont charge me if doesnt work.
  6. Answer my own question. http://jusupoff.narod.ru/ What does this picture says about PCM? I Got an email from the develepor: zerocool-1981@mail.ru
  7. Does anyone know whats this softwares name is? Do we need ids vcm rostra to use it? dont speak russian.
  8. F*CK :( Have invested in a new steering wheel and elm327adapeter just tu find out that I cant enable CC. Used ELMconfig and enable cruise control in HEC & GEM. Did the GEM-buttontest and the cruise controll-buttons beeps. Took the car for a drive but CC wont work. GEM-Number: 4M5T-14A073-CJ
  9. OK. dont know if its worth it. I think that a ford garage here in sweden take about 100-200 GBP to activate cruise control. A VCM costs about: 200 GBP and maight not work. Correct me if am wrong.
  10. Does anyone know here if reprogramming the PCM so you can activate the cruise control? There's Chinese copies of IDS VCM and crackade versions of IDS. Has anyone done this? Referens
  11. Dam. Got big problems trying to remove the airbag. First remove two scews behind thé wheel and then a flat screwdriver to remove thé airbag? The airbag wont come off.
  12. Or here: http://en.bildelsbasen.se/