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  1. Does the fuel in the tank go off which causes this waxing?
  2. so update with the escort, prepped and ready for MOT, reconditioned brake calliper, s/h driveshaft and new rear cylinders and she's ready for the test this week, fingers crossed. Fiesta has been sorned and under a car cover in the garage till such times that work improves, taken out once a week to stop things seizing up
  3. wind deflectors are now on since that pic and s/steel sill protectors. Was thinking about de-badging the bootlid, maybe loosing the rear wiper
  4. Started many years ago with my very first car a fiesta 1000 mk1 basic (narrow black steel bumpers) then a big leap to a mk3 escort 1.6 Ghia 3 door (I wish I could get one again) Now after numerous other makes I got a fiesta 2010 1.4 Titanium, a great wee motor. Also happened to get a escort mk 6 for cheap runaround. Plans for the fiesta.. well at the minute its been sorned after being made redundant and the wife has a car. Only 12,000 mile on it and would like to to do some subtle changes. Alloys and engine tweeks (1.4 petrol) Any suggestions and pointers would be accepted
  5. Welcome to the Ford forums KL-fords :)