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  1. I was over looking at this ST today in a dealer in clondalkin. Its a nice car very striking in the orange but has a few small marks which i can fix myself. same for the interior. needs fixinf up but nothing a few DIY weekends cant fix..thats wat owning a car is all about i think haha. It has a dumop valve which worries me because the engine management light shows up and i dont like that! Some noise out of the car tho.There was a small bit of water in the boot underneath the mat would this be a worry would anybody know..cheers for the help
  2. Hi im new to this site. Im currently looking at a 2006 focus st in orange with 54000 miles..It looks immaculate from the pics and i havent viewed it yet but i will this week. I just would like to know the common problems to look out for and also wat is the real world MPG! I do 100km a day or about 60 miles in real world! i currently have a 2001 subaru legacy B4 2litre twin turbo which only gets bout 15-25 mpg! is the focus a good call? thanks
  3. Hows it going. Im brand new shampoo here and im only looking at a 2006 focus ST but pretty sure ill get one! Any advice on one? cheers! O and im from dublin!
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums Moro-46 :)