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  1. Fiesta Mk8 Injectors

    The new fiesta mk8 zetec 1.25 can you replace the injectors with the ones out of a zetec s or maybe another car? Im looking at getting it remapped but don't want to do it with standard injectors or standard exhaust :)
  2. Injectors?

    Is there any possible upgrades for a 1.25 zetec injectors like the ones out of a zetec s? Looking for some as I want to remap the car but don't want to do it to A standard car
  3. Bury

    I'm in Rochdale so quite close
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums C4mster :)

    1. C4mster


      thank you :) any ford owner uk stickers for sale i can stick on my windows for my car?