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    Thanks Paul glad you like it
  2. New To The Site

    Cheers guys, lots to the car when you look in detail but subtle differences. Lenny ive seen those a touch to bling for me I think lol.The car was fast ford featured 08 and car of the year 09 I have owned it from new so pleased how it still is :)
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    Its not rs kit just bumper the arches are done by hand and the sill and doors are widened also. Engine is just under 350 bhp, kaaz plated diff, gaz gold coilovers, carbon m sport spoiler lots really lol.
  4. New To The Site

    Cheers Marc not quite a standard car
  5. New To The Site

    Thanks for the mega fast hello :)
  6. New To The Site

    Hi folks, Im Alex I have owned my focus ebony with a difference from new since 2003 thought I would sign up and say Hi! and have a mooch around :)
  7. Welcome to the Ford forums Alex the kid :)