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  1. Windows keep opening

    oh dear £400 doesnt sound good!!! i havent noticed any water coming in from anywhere. I have just discovered that if i hold the key in the lock position the windows will go up and stay there.,not ideal but at least i can get them to stay shut temporaliy.
  2. Windows keep opening

    Hi all i am new here and really hope someone can help me. I went out to my car yesterday morning to find the front electric windows wide open,they must of been like this throughout the night as it was raining and my seats were soaked! When i close the windows they open again as soon as u either take the keys out the ignition or when u shut the doors. ive tried all sorts of ways to stop it,the engine seemed a bit flat yesterday and wouldnt start after the first time,so i took the battery off and have charged that up and it is ok now but the windows remain the same. What can i do, what do i check??? it is driving me mad as the weather is awfull at the moment and i really need it sorted.