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  1. Removing Fiesta Spoiler

    Does anybody know how to remove this? There are a few holes but nothing to unscrew, seems asif it has been stuck on.. Thanks!
  2. Newbie, Hopeing To Stay..

    Insurers just don't like me. I've been driving for 17 months, on a 1.0 Saxo then a 2010 1.6 Astra with no accidents or nothing. Thankfully, Dan at Adrian Flux has helped me and I currently have a quote of £2500 which I shall be taking out next month!
  3. New to the forum after just buying my first 'real' car. I've been driving a Vauxhall Astra 2009 for a while and hoping that I would get a free years no claim from being a named driver, I bought the Fiesta knowing that I could insure the car for about £2000 (PRETTY CHEAP) Anyway, after a mix up of dates I realized I wont be getting that years no claim and i'm stuck with a car that I cant insure. The cheapest I can get is just over £3000 and I don't fancy paying that.. as for the car, there is so much I wanna do with it but do I stick with it or just get myself a moped?
  4. Why is insurance so expensive?!

  5. Welcome to the Ford forums ashleyccfc :)