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  1. Thanks everyone for your replies , glad you all think i should save it , was what i'd wanted to do , just didn't know if it was worth it .
  2. Hi all , this is my first post here and i wondered if any of you can help me with a question or two ? I have a 2001 1.6 Focus Zetec which has just failed it's MOT , and failed miserably ! It has full service history up till last year , mainly main dealer and 73,000 on the clock , anyway my question is - scrap or repair ? it needs ( there's a lot ) - nearside front brake disc is seriously weakened offside front brake disc is seriously weakened offside front brake binding offside rear brake binding brake pedal creeps down offside front track rod end ball joint has excessive play front brakes imbalanced offside front brake pipe leaking **dangerous** all brake pipes excessively corroded , fronts , rears , front to rears at rear and a new tyre My local garage said it would be "way over £500" and that i might need the brake calipers done too and that would be another £200 or so . Does the price sound fair and is it worth doing ? the bodywork and interior are in good condition , seems that's all that is !
  3. Welcome to the Ford forums yoz :)

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