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  1. 35-40mm is usually a safe bet, anything more is a bit of a gamble. I put 40mm on my mk7 and they have been spot on, slightly harsh on speed bumps and pot holes though.
  2. Had the same problem with mine and now one is starting to peel after about six months :( Like inath said it's not that noticeable once on, I'm just living with it.......for now <_<
  3. multispokes are always a safe bet :P take a risk but get a few responces first ;)
  4. Springs-yes wheels-no badges-should be blue/black on white stickers-defo no HID's-why With a style you should aim for ZS upgrades as a staring point. Sorry just my opinion :(
  5. Ahmmm......breakers it is then :P
  6. Do the washer jets paint ok, as I was thinking of getting the mist type and colour coding them. Bugs me everytime i wax the car, why Ford put so much ABS everywhere is beyond me. Oh wait.......cost........ thats the one. :P Not that they are cheap cars any more though.
  7. Oh and the price difference :P
  8. Not much difference between the two with regards to mpg and the 1.6 feels a lot quicker than the specs. Don't forget it's not just the kit and bigger wheels either, there is sports seats and suspension as well. Only negative is the insurance will be higher with the zetec s.
  9. Satin blacked the drums this morning but got caught out by the rain :( needs another coat though
  10. 20 mm on front not too far out then? Could you put a picture of the fronts on before I order mine so I can see how they look? ;)
  11. 38-39 with town driving in an S1600, not too bad I guess.
  12. Just put 20 mm Eibach spacers on the rear, must say looks the buisness. How it should of came off the line. Fronts look too far in now, will probably put 10's or 15's on.
  13. I wouldn't mind doing this upgrade, anybody know how much it would be from ford or roughly from a breakers. I haven't seen any on auction sites lately.
  14. Looks good Paul, like the blue against the white.