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  1. Diy Oil An Filter Change

    In the end, I had to get the sump hex nut drilled out. Previous service the nut was put in too tight. All sorted now but a lot more expensive than I wished for. For the next time I indulge in an oil change I think I will do the PELA 6000 route. I am guessing the best place to insert the tube is is through the dip stick hole.
  2. Diy Oil An Filter Change

    Hello, I thought I would have a go at changing the oil and oil filter on my SMAX '08 2.2tdci. I am a bit of a newbie when it comes to this sort of thing. However I pretty successful doing it on a Ford Focus. I am having a few problems where I would appreciate some information from the more experienced of you. First of all I cannot seem to get the oil sump screw off. It turns but refuses to come out . The top of the screw is ok, I have no idea what it keeping it in other than worn threads. No oil is coming out so it seems to be pretty well sealed. The second problem is I cannot locate the oil filter. It looks like it is within a compartment but where? Your help and thoughts would be much appreciated. Many thanks Dom
  3. Welcome to the Ford forums Big Bad Dom :)