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  1. You have got fordfest at santa pod this sunday.
  2. I have a set of MS-Design DRLs as fitted to the fiesta Centura I need a ignition live in the engine bay any help is much appreciated. Thanks
  3. I have a mondeo footrest to fit in my mk7 fiesta it as a fitting kit with it but the fittings look to long for the carpet & sound deadening what is the best way to fit it. Thanks
  4. Got mine from ebay for £17.50 inc pp :D
  5. Thankyou that looks ace.
  6. As any one got a picture of a mondeo footrest fitted to a fiesta mk7. Thanks
  7. Yeap, Brodit all the way.
  8. Are all mk7 upper grilles the same as i am going to get a new one and have it colour coded B) Thanks
  9. Welcome to the Ford forums crazylegs :)