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  1. Hello All, First off appol's if this has already been discussed, but I own a 2008 Mondeo Titanium X and it wasn't fitted with the Bluetooth Module and Ford don't sell this as an after market product. I have managed to source used modules (Ebay) but none come with the required additional leads, connectors, addapters, etc. Does anybody know where I can source and buy these from? additionally my Stereo is the 6000CD Mutli changer non DAB with the Phone button and the answer and end call buttons. Is it easy to fit the module and required leads and connectors and what addtional work is there involved? and just because the stereo has the buttons will it work or do I have to check anything else? Also do I have to change the indicator stalk to have the additional controls for the phone operation. Regards, Iceman Jackal.
  2. Welcome to the Ford forums IcemanJackal :)