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  1. Ford CD6000 Audio Connectors

    excellent , have a choccie biccie ! on the 6000 the small square green connector is what ford intended for the CD changer ? and the big blaack one is the general connector ?
  2. Ford CD6000 Audio Connectors

    thanks for the 6000 pin outs - without sounding too dumb which pin does ford consider to be 1 - is it top left looking at the back of unit ? anyone got a list of pinouts / wire colours for 2006 ?
  3. Ford CD6000 Audio Connectors

    in a similar position folks, i've just got a M reg escort with a knackered 2006 in it , though i suspect the car has had someother head unit in before ... have got a 6000 from a friend for the best price ! need some advice on where to find the relevant pin outs for the 2006 and 6000 and where to get connectors to install the 6000 in place of the 2006 - the meachincs of the installation i think i've got worked out. many thanks