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  1. Things I Do Like

    Enjoy it. I'll be watching it on tv.
  2. How Low can you go

    Or maybe it's one helluva anti theft deterant. As for anyone saying it looks krap. Well you have your opinions but have you seen how bad your car looks compared to it? I didn't expect such childish reactions to my post but hey ho there are brain deads driving every make of car.
  3. Kpgs Mk3 Focus Titanium

    lol kpg. To take the head unit out means you have to take out the trim pieces from the centre arm rest up to the head unit. As for the car. If it's all kosher then snap his hands off. That car is worth 5 grand more. The auto box is a dream. It's so good I don't use the sport mode in mine (unless I've had a blue smartie which I do now and then lol) The mk4/4.5 is the Best Family car there is and that 2.0 ecoboost is a pearler. Do make sure the mileage is correct and check it's service history. The service book should have at least 3 stamps even 4. If it kosher then you'll love that car more than any other you've had. I love mine.
  4. How Low can you go

    Well with it being a show car I'd say he has a show set up and a road set up or 2. When I happened across a Ford show at Squires Cafe a few months ago there was a mk4 mondeo wirh a similar set up. When static it was flat to the ground yet when in motion it was raised. Looked awesome. Well done Jamie Robb.
  5. How Low can you go

    Really kpg? This car was parked in Leeds. I think it looks the dogs danglies. But each to their own.
  6. How Low can you go

    Drove past this ST today. Wow I thought. So thought I'd share it with you lot and get your impressions
  7. Things I Do Like

    Insurance has many variables. The main one is how much it will cost to repair. A former workmate instead of buying his 18yr old daughter an older car he found it cost a shed load LESS to insure a brand new car purly coz of repair costs. My beloved tit x sport mondeo ecoboost is going soon for a smaller car. I've made enquiries of insurance costs and been gobsmacked at differences between car models. For example a golf gte is half the cost insurance wise than my mondeo and a lexus is300h. It's weird but I see why. Older cars cost more to insure coz of repair costs. Simple. Ok where you live also and your job have influences but not as much as age of vehicle. At the end of the day car insurance costs are an effing joke and an evil necessity unfortunately.
  8. How much more fun is the St to Zetec-s

    I'd go for the ST coz sure as eggs are eggs you'd wonder time after time after time again should you have gone ST if you ended up with a 140. The beauty of the ST is you can drive it slowly knowing that when you floored it you'd be flying. I test drove one and loved it. (I've a mondeo titanium x sport with the same engine by the way). Oh and I'm older than you lol. Go get a ST. You Won't regret it.
  9. Kpgs Mk3 Focus Titanium

    Blimey that looks like about an inch difference. Definitely get it looked at.
  10. dpf clean

    So lasthope what ki d of mileage do you do in a day? Long or short journeys? If short then once a week take your car for a 20 mile motorway run and you shouldn't have any dpf problems.
  11. Things I Do Like

    LOL kids at play I see. Mind you it look rather good.
  12. Whats The Speed Limit

    Yup and I can't see any court upholding a speeding ticket in that scenario.
  13. Kpgs Mk3 Focus Titanium

    Hi kpg. Re your 1st question. As an owner of a tit x sport mondeo ecoboost and having had 2 mk3 focus's I can assure you for one baby/child a mk3 focus will suffice. In my last focus I had an 8" boxed sub and I could fit my granddaughters pram a medium suitcase and a couple of fabric bags in the boot. I've a thread on here where I posted step by step photos where one shows a full boot. I think the thread was called My Focus Hifi upgrade or something similar. Also in the car would be myself, the missus, her adult daughter with her 11yr old lad and baby in a car seat. The mk3 focus is remarkably understated in its capabilities. Now, the mk4/4.5 mondeo does have a cavernous boot. Ok I've had to take the sub out to fit a Large and a medium suitcase with a large holdall and a medium holdall a football, 3 plastic shopping bags and a folding buggy for the princess. Yup the mondy boot was bulging. The Mondeo is head and shoulders the best Family car. Nuff Sed.
  14. Whats The Speed Limit

    Just as I thought. So it seems someone had neglected to put up the reduced speed limit sign at the beginning of the roadworks and reminder signs partway through the roadworks.
  15. A friend of mine was driving down a road when those average speed cameras came into view. They were active because the signs saying they're not working weren't there. My friend was unsure whether to slow down or not as there was No speed limit signs. The road was a 60mph road. A distance down the road where roadworks were taking place and at the end of the possible speed reduced limit a 40 mph sign was there. Note it was the Only speed limit sign yet it was at the end of the roadworks and suprise suprise where a camera was. So. If there's No speed reduced limit sign there what is the speed limit in the average speed area where the roadworks are?