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  1. Ford focus sony 9 speaker sound system

    Good you've finally got your car nico. I'm not at all suprised you're disappointed with the sound. Give it a bit of time so the speakers bed in/ get run in. The sound will get better but I strongly suggest sound deaden the doors. That'll make a vast difference in sound. And as I've suggested before, get that alpine sub. Enjoy your car.
  2. Samsung Galaxy 7 Edge or 8 Plus

    Why don't you consider the Galaxy note 4? Still available new and has so much that I doubt anyone can use all it can do. Battery life on my 2yr old is superb. 8hrs spotify in my truck. 1hr webbing when on break. 1hr playing pool. Lots of texting and phone calls and it lasts all day. Screen 2nd to none as is the camera. It's a proper little computer.
  3. If you could have any car

    I'd have the Lexus LC500H. Stunning to look at and to me the perfect sports car. Sorry but I'm a hybrid convert. Oh and the days of diesels are numbered.
  4. Touchscreen Nav Mk3.5 focus

    I can't answer any questions about that car but the 'default ' nav screen definitely didn't have a postcode input. I suggested to the owner he join FOC as it's the best for focus owners and he'd be welcomed. I just asked out of curiosity because it really suprised me. I even thought there was a 2nd page to view more options.
  5. Touchscreen Nav Mk3.5 focus

    I was accosted by a young woman with her dad and a child. They were in a new Focus with satnav. They asked me how to use it as they didn't know how. I looked in thru the passenger window and said go to nav. Now then my question is is there an option to put the postcode in? To put place name and street looked really good but I was flummoxed that there wasn't an option that I could see to input a postcode.
  6. Aftermarket radio head unita

    Excellently put Dee and how I was going to answer. I had an indepth chat with a long standing car hifi centre who loath the Chinese copies of head units. They've had 100% failure rates and can not Install them as they are troublesome.
  7. Things I Do Like

    Nice and stealth in black
  8. DPF deleters, your days are numbered

    I don't think these plug in hybrids will take off as hoped. I read lots of reviews on such cars (especially the awesome Golf GTE) and the good reviewers stated something interesting. One in particular was contacted by his energy provider about his sudden big increase in electricity use. Coincided with his log term review of the Golf. People who have these plug in hybrids are going to get peed off with their electricity bills rocketing up that their gonna get rid. When I picked up my Lexus I got talking about the new LC500H which looks stunningly awesome and better looking than the Tesla. He said he was getting quite a few interests from Tesla owners for the LC500H. Fossil fuel engines coupled with batteries is a fabulous was to propel a car and very efficient. My fuel bill has halved and if I want I can still go as quick as my mondeo did. Hydrogen cars will one day be the future. They already have them in America. I know one firm in Sheffield that gets the hydrogen out of both air and water then do something to that so it can charge a battery car. This firm makes the convertors and sends them worldwide at about £1 million each. But for now the Toyota system looks best I think.
  9. DPF deleters, your days are numbered

    For those who are truly worried about CO2 emitions (is that spelt right?) Then please do shut up coz it's those who produce more CO2 than all Industry does combined when they open their gobs lol
  10. Things I Do Like

    Blimey I've not long seen 2 focus RS's. One in the dull grey But by crikey the other effing stunning in Metallic Magnetic. Absolutely gorgeous.
  11. Things I Don't Like

    Could be air suspension and dropped as an anti theft deterant. Mind you it looks good to me.
  12. Things I Do Like

    No m8 it's a petrol hybrid. 2.5 litre none turbo and only produces 180 bhp but the batteries add another 50 I'd say tho I don't know. This car is more economical than the 4 diesel fords I've had which suprises me.
  13. Things I Do Like

    Forgot to mention that I really like my cars road tax now is £20 and it's economy is twice better than my beloved titanium x sport ecoboost was.
  14. Things I Do Like

    Getting a cheque from the DVLA for £220 refunded road tax [emoji4]
  15. Well I'm saying bye bye to Ford again

    Wow a reply lol. Cheers Damian I will pop by for a nosey.