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  1. Mondeo Navigation

    I have retrofiited the Audi RNS-e system to a 2003 A4 in the past the involved a replacing a single din to double din cage and also a new climate control unit as well as work. All of the systems I have seen run the mapping software of a SD card though, are they two systems Ford use?
  2. Hi I am going to be a owner of my first Ford this week and thefore I am a new member of the forum. Apologies if the question I am posting has been answered before. I am purchasing a 2008 Mondeo Titanium X, really looking forward to driving what seems a lot of car having previously driven an Audi A4 and and a Volvo S40. The one option that is sadly not on the car is Navigation. Can this be retrofitted to the car using the genuine Ford system that would have been supplied with other Titanium X models. Any advice and information would be most appreciated. Darren
  3. Welcome to the Ford forums Geord1e :)