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  1. Hi I have a ford mondeo TDCi 04 115bhp model and i have a very odd noise coming from the engine bay. the weird part is that if i turn on the heated rear screen and heated front screen on the noise disappears. I have attached a video for you too see Video on Youtube
  2. Thanks you very much mate your a star, i phoned my local ford dealers and they wanted near £90 so i went to the local salvage yard and bought one for £10 I have a working car thanks to you mr sierraYankee99
  3. I have a 2000 Focus 1.8 TD DI and when driving it will go idol and the engine still ticks over but the glow plug light flashes and will not rev at all any ideas atall please....
  4. Hi every one Just got Focus TD DI estate and looking forward to contributing too the forum and learning more about my car