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  1. I just posted what I was told, but I did see superchip advertise for the 95 hp model, but was £150 more than the company that quoted me, must be something if mountune haven't released a mod yet, have you had yous re-mapped, and where are Celtic tuning based, might give them a call
  2. 2010 onwards TDCIs come with a Bosch ECU, which is anti-tamper at the moment, but they are working on it, I was going to get mine done last Sat, till they found out it was a Bosch, but if it is fitted with a Seimens ECU, then no probs
  3. Hi, the reason they couldn't re-map is 2010 model TDCIs were fitted with a Bosch ECU instead of a Seimens one, and it is an anti-tamper , but I know they are working on cracking it, I was just into get mine done last Saturday, and told they couldn't do it, but they will eventually
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums Colrf :)