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  1. Hey Peeps Am about to buy the wife a Focus St-3 with sat nav and rear facing camera and a sunroof that seems to be very rare on this model on a 10 plate just over two years old as its probably a bit late to be asking advice as the Ford dealer I am about to buy this car from ... well today is decision day. Have been working on the the best deal I can get on this car with part exchanging an old Volvo S40 and to be honest due to my life circumstances my head is not in a good place to be trying to deal with the situation of buying this car. What I am looking for is some advice on what bad points I should be looking for ? Its a one owner with just over 30,000 miles on it ..... I have looked at this car a few times now and the first thing that caught my eye was the squirls on the bonnet .... in the direct sunlight they really stand out and the only thing i can think is there wasn't much care taken when cleaning the car. The wife took it for a test drive the first time we looked at it and the smile on her face when she got back was a picture. In general it seems like it is in very good condition but knowing nothing about the model its really not easy to know what bad points to be looking for. I have since driven the car myself and it seems really precise and solid . Its funny that we started with budget of around 8k and suddenly after seeing the car in question it had nearly doubled. Well it will come with a full year warranty from Ford , a full service as according to the dealer it is due a service .... they said all the chips and problems we have found with the paint will be sorted and a full valet and 6 months tax ... tried for 12 but they were not going to budge. To sum up a car that that started at £14,995 the best they will come down to is £14,000 with the part ex and all of the above. So any advice would be very much appreciated. Cheers Dave
  2. Just joined as i am about to buy my wife her mid-life crisis Ford Focus ST-3 on a 10 plate. I have to say i know very little about what I am about to purchase and as much as I know I should be doing some research on this car due to my life circumstances I just have not got the right state of mind to do so. Cheers Dave
  3. Welcome to the Ford forums Muttley :)

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      havnt actually got the car yet ... am very close to buying it for the wife ... hope I havnt broken any rules here but had to put model of car to join :)