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  1. Hey guys, I've been encouraged to say Hi so here I am, Hi! I just bought a 55 plate 1.6 diesel focus for my Mrs, a timely upgrade from our trusty mk1 1.6 petrol. I'm in charge of looking after it (of course lol) so I just need to sort a few niggles on it and I'm hoping for a good 2-3 years service out of it before chipping it in for a facelift. The niggles I need to sort are: Only given 1 key with the car, so need to sort a (cheap!) 2nd key. I'm guessing I cant program one myself with one key so need to look in to that. Boot space, car came with full size spare and foam compartment thing. Fine for most, but the Mrs carries equipment for work and its simply not deep enough :( Finding a 5 stud space saver is proving harder than I hoped for lol. Got 2 winter tyres with the car for some reason, so need to offload those or pot some plants in them lol. Rear wiper is old style, but funny fitment. I'm guessing its a new style wiper arm, but for some reason comes with a rather unattractive wiper. Probably more to be found, it needs a good service, the oil is like tar, poor thing lol. Anyway, nice site, hopefully I can contribute over time. Adam
  2. Welcome to the Ford forums GFsCar :)