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  1. Engine Warning Light

    My engine warning light has come on and the engine has died then when u turn it off give it ten it will start again after reading about this problem it seems to boil down to the turbo or the sensors for the fuel pump or injectors but as I was contemplating taking my new towbar off to part ex my much loved focus I twiddled the wiring underneath and now I have noticed that the light has gone I'm just wondering if dodgy wiring or loose connection can cause this problem any one got any ideas on this would be most appreaciated as I need a reliable car and don't want to get rid of my focus over something so small I love this car I've had it since 07 and would gladly keep it another ten yrs if I thought it was not going to cost more than its worth Cheers
  2. Ford focus estate lx tdci 05 keeps cutting out no problems found by rac. All other forums I have looked in suggest fuel pumps and injectors but I have recently had a towbar fitted with elec after looking at the wiring and fiddling on wondering if I can take this off easily the engine management light has now gone off could this possibly cause the engine to cut out if a dodgy connection

  3. Welcome to the Ford forums G::rej :)