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  1. Hey. I need your advice for updating the PCM module in a FORD FOCUS 1.6 115hp (2008 model/facelift) friend of mine . Specifically we want to enable the cruise control in pcm .The PCM type is SIM28/29 . Because i am not 100% sure what is the right steps please correct if you mention something wrong/missing.....: 1) PCM module/Procedures/Page 2 -> Read firmware from PCM to BIN file (and save it in case of goes something wrong) 2) PCM module/Configuration -> Integrated Speed control (check in this option) 3) PCM module/Procedures/Page 2 -> Save firmware in PHF/BIN file 4) PCM module/Procedures/Page 2 -> Load firmware ( the one from step 3) from PHF/BIN file 5) PCM module/Procedures/Page 2 -> Save firmware to PCM.... Thanks
  2. For the same reasons (too expensive) I am thinking also to buy the FoCOM VCM for register myself the keys.Can you send to me also more info ?
  3. I have activated the CC in my C-MAX pre-facelift model at 2011 summer. The harness and the steering wheel put by me. The activation in 3 items (HEC,GEM,PCM) were done by FORD service .At that time i did not know ELM327/ELMConfig.... I think that only FORD IDS program can read/write PCM module until know. The cost of £90 is high.... ( required 5 minutes to enable CC in PCM )
  4. In the GEM -> "Windows heating auto switch on" (page 2) is for both front - back screens ;
  5. Good afternoon from Greece. I modified the adapter (per page 1 instructions ) and with ELMConfig i enable the autolock, instant concumption in my C-MAX pre-facelift model. Also i disable some features than previously were enabled by mistake with FORD IDS when were trying to enable cruice control. Note : i use ELMConfig version. (the previous one) . I have not test 0.2.3 yet....
  6. Same for me . Even i am signed in, i have no permission for download.....
  7. The same situation is valid for me too. ;) Thanks primary to civil-zz and the all the other in this forum and in the ffclub.ru forum , i successfully enable autolock and instant fuel in my C-MAX mk2 .When we had tried in Official Ford service to enable them , we did not succeed with IDS. Now trying to replace my instrument cluster with the instrument cluster from facelift model......
  8. Yes this is the correct. I have bought my adapter from this store. Preee ,what is the temperature that the heated front window screen activated ; What are the GEM options : Battery backed sounder , RKE locking allowed .......run/start position ,S389_CONF ; Thanks
  9. In ELMconfig program in GEM section , the options "Slam double locking" & "Slam central locking" means disable....;
  10. mrmetallica , what do you mean....; Until the ELM327 received, i try to find out all the possible features that can be enable in my car (C-MAX 1.6 trend) Until now only the autolock and instant fuel are 99% sure that can be enable.May be the double lock if isn't required extra lock equipement..... Do you know any other feature ; Thanks
  11. Hi . When i have to change the Bus mode (High -> Medium or Medium -> High) should i remove the adapter from the car diagnostic port or just altering the button while the adapter is in use ;
  12. nuno8210 thanks for your support. Ι'm thinking to use the FDS program. You are right , is the most easy one. Now waiting the ELM327 tool to arrive..... Also many thanks to Preee , Psyence, civil-zz for the great work!!!!!!!!
  13. Just finish the reading of 42 pages and checking the ELMconfig program. To enable the auto lock, the feature must be checked in the GEM / PAGE 2 -> Autolocking enable by customer . Am i correct ; I can not find the feature for enable instant fuel consumption display......
  14. nuno8210, thanks for your info. I just bought the ELM327 tool .
  15. Hello from Greece. I'm thinking to order the ELM327 car diagnostic reader tool for enable in my C-MAX the instant fuel consumption & auto lock but i have some doubts about using the diagnostic tool.... 1)The cable modification is really necessary ; If the ELM327 tool used as received (from the buyer) the programming options are fewer; 2) The "PuTTy" program is required for configuring ELM327 in the win XP also ; 3) Which of the 2 (ELM-FF2 - ELMconfig) programs should use to enable instant fuel consumption & auto lock features; What is the difference between them ; Thanks in advance for your help