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  1. Thanks for reply ,can you get them from fords or from the breakers?.I notice that the wiring colours are different too.I thought it was going to be an easy job!
  2. Hi,ive just tried to fit the later rear lamps 2014 type to my 2010 fiesta but wouldn't you know it the wiring is different ,can they be fitted?Thanks
  3. does anyone know how to change the cigarette lighter ring,i would like to change to the orange illum.type from the black one,but i cant seem to be able to get to it.
  4. Hi, ive got a 2010 titanium with a single horn,the ford dealer list a twin horn for the fiesta wired together with 1 connector .Does it fit straight in place of the single horn?,and if it does where is the horn located.
  5. Welcome to the Ford forums Bill t :)