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  1. Hi. My 1999 mondeo estate only has one key and it looks different to the keys in the manual. Mine has only two buttons on it , one with a triangle and the other with two. I've took it to pieces to fit a new battery but it had 3 in it, and the manual said it has one cr3032??. Also over the little bulb is a red piece of plastic and a 4 digit code number and sticker. Can Anyone help at all with this ?. Dont know whick batteries to fit etc.
  2. My mk 2 estate will lock if I put the key in the drivers door, but will not unlock unless I unlock the passenger door with key and open the drivers side door from the inside. remote key does nothing at all even with a new battery!. fed up with it now!
  3. Welcome to the Ford forums indiadog1 :)