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  1. I've just been out and measured my jack in its lowest position - about 4-5" (I say measured...held my fingers up to it lol) The only thing I can think of to try (I genuinely have been pondering since I posted above) is to try slide the jack under the sill on its side, then twist. If you had a 2nd jack, you coukd also try jacking it up from the opposite end to gain a bit of clearance - then get the second jack under the second jacking point and carry on fron there
  2. I can see why you'd be feeling deflated...perhaps even a little... ...tyred... I wheely don't know what to suggest...but you did literally ask for it
  3. Ohh yes lol Hope so Her first night went quite well - even if my other half was up until 3am just to make sure she was asleep lol We had a few little accidents - but we have laminate flooring - so nice and easy to clean. She does much prefer going outside though - unfortunately, we can't leave the back door open like puppy-mummy did. Certainly won't take her long to get back on track with house-training. Other than that, she's making herself quite comfortable...currently fast asleep under the coffee table. Her other favourite spot so far is MY spot on the sofa (I guess it WAS my spot lol) Can't believe how chilled out she is already
  4. And a wonderful name it is too
  5. Freya - her Dad is a HUGE German Shepard called Thor (standing 6'2" on his hind legs). Mum is an absolutely gorgeous Husky called Luna - both Mum & Dad are very clever dogs!! Freya is already showing signs she's also a very clever little pooch!! And she is gorgeous!! Only one in the litter to have anything resembling Husky markings!!
  6. Oooo...forgot my like... Pick this little cutie up in about 17 hours
  7. Not had that for a while!! Tasty stuff!! How about Rattler & Magner? (Not that I've just suggested 2 of my favourite ciders lol)
  8. Can't sleep...currently 0430 and I haven't had any sleep whatsoever. Too hot, legs playing up & the other half is snoring...currently laid on the couch as it's the coolest part of the house at the moment
  9. laid plans and all that... Today I was going to tackle some more of the garden (removing what must be the best part of 2 tonne of gravel and replacing with paving slabs...that's another story...) Buuutttt...went with my other half to Barton with a friend of ours - friend wants a tattoo and Clare knows an amazing couple that have their own studio. Quite nice to put a face to the name. We then called in to see another mutual friend (we all know each other through cadets lol). Drink, chat etc then Clare's daughter turned up...soo we left her there (to be fair, it is her best mate's mum lol) Went to get in with some tidying up in the garden - too hot for manual labour - when Clare said something that reminded me - I needed to pick up my Grimsby... Off we go, pick up meds, call in to see Dad (well, Charlie the Cockatiel). Then Clare asks if we can "just pop into Pets & Home - just to get an idea of what we want!" £80, 3 shops, 2 hours later we go to pick up child and ended up staying for a BBQ. Now, the majority of this can go in the Like Thread...except for the whole 2t of gravel, 140 slabs and the house to sort ready for Freya coming on Wednesday!! Clare is out all day tomorrow, so is Lauren...soo...yeah...great fun (already shifted best part of a tonne of gravel and laid artificial grass)
  10. The easiest way I can think of would be to report a post (your own) and include a message?
  11. Pssst...only Wednesday today...
  12. They probably think they recognise you My like, well - likes...definitely plural... Whilst watching The Great British Skinny Dip (don't ask lol) - my other half suggested naffing off in the caravan for a few days (oh yeah, I bought a caravan a few months ago lol). Her daughter was away, so we thought sod it - perfect time to go!! Went to the Lake District for a week. Not only did I recoup my Caravan & Motorhome Club fees in discounts, but the site was lovely - basic, but lovely. We didn't let the weather dampen our spirits and loved the week away. However, no rest for the wicked. Got a phonecall Friday tea time - " Woody...we need to put in a coxswain for the Boat Handling on Sunday! Can you & Clare come down help me tomorrow? Guy (his son) said he'll do it." No problem, quite enjoy rowing. Until about 8pm..."Woody...They've f-luffed up!! We need a WHOLE TEAM!" So...we managed to find a full crew, they got about 3 hours practice yesterday. Today, conditions were terrible, they were up against a team taught by the lead rowing instructor for the area and generally weren't overly confident. They did the BEST rowing I've seen in my life!! I've been doing this best part of 20 years!! Everybody was astounded!! Mahoosive round of applause from everyone as they came off the water...they won :D Ohh yeah...and we have a new member of our family arriving soon... Freya - a German Shepard/Husky cross. She's coming up 8 weeks old, already showing that she takes after Mum - very clever, very placid, a little bit cheeky and gorgeous!! Dad is a HUGE GSD called Thor, Mum is a stunning Husky called Luna - we get to meet Mum next week, and hopefully Dad :D
  13. I might just have a set of DRL's available - and a Haynes Manual that covers your car...message me for info!!
  14. The advert across the bottom of this thread
  15. Had a few people call over the last few weeks... First one, I was tidying up outside when an Irish chap asked if I'd like a quote to "do the drive" Very politley told him that it's a rented property and the landlord is a tight-fisted ar...person and he went on his merry way...not before asking if the pickup truck boxes on the garage roof were for sale (knowing my OH's brother/landlord - probably lol). Surprised they didn't go missing lol Also had a middle eastern chap ask if we had a room to let. Well, I think that's what he was asking with his 6 words of English... Whilst dismantling an old caravan I had a few people ask if I was selling the chassis (nope...there's a reason I dismantled rather than scrapped) Oh and a guy who'd "just bought" about £30-worth of plants from Asda, but didn't bother with a carrier bag. Wanted to know if I wanted to buy them off him lol