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  1. What Insurance?

    So called Black Box policies. They are still available - just make sure you check out the small print properly...they can be quite restrictive
  2. Things I Don't Like

    Trying to update my phone! It's been telling me for ages that there's a software update available for it.  Download it without problem, go to do the install...BAM...Error... Try using KIES to do it, and the thing just freezes up! Research it and try a factory reset (backing everything important up to a few different places...just in case).  No ball. FINALLY - I've managed to get KIES to at least download the effing update!!  Still only at 37% - but that's further than previous efforts. Roll on September & Upgrade time...
  3. Ford owners web site upgrade

    When using the quote function on the app, if there is already an embedded quote - it doesn't work properly.  The app appears to be using the old BB Code, whereas the forum has switched to proper HTML (for want of a better description).
  4. Ford owners web site upgrade

    Is "fixing the quote system by giing back to BB code for quoting" on the list?
  5. Things I Don't Like

    Whatever are you suggesting Phil!? Putting it on the door knob so they can't get in...obviously
  6. Things I Do Like

    How the heck did you end up with 47kg of spuds? Lol
  7. Android App

    App still working fine for me
  8. Things I Don't Like

    You could flog it under the brand name "CardPat Compost"
  9. RIP Tezza

    What?! No way :( RIP Sir Terry!!
  10. Things I Don't Like

    Bucket of hot water with carpet shampoo and a scrubbing brush lol I got a crackin' little brush in Asda a few years ago specifically for car interiors. This method is more effective than a Rug Doctor - a little more labour intensive though.
  11. Things I Do Like

    One thing that works sometimes for me is thinking of the worst occasion that I have successfully got through, I focus on the nerves and feelings I had back then and I purposely make myself feel those nerves and feelings again, then I ask myself whether the current situation is as bad as that time? If no then I work hard at reassuring myself that if I got through that, I can get through this... It's the little victories all the time that matter, even if you feel useless and that the 'victory' was meaningless in comparison to others, it's important to remind yourself that you have to walk before you can run etc... And when you're low the little victories are the easiest to achieve and can mean the most when you really consider where they're taking you.. Last "Netflix & chill" I had was more like "Amazon Prime alone in bed" lol Time before that ended up being "Minecraft until 5am" lol (She chose it lol)
  12. Things I Don't Like

    Wickes have a Wet & Dry vac for £30 at the moment. It's not bad for the price!! Admittedly, the standard filter set up is a bit fiddly...but you can get a 2-in-1 wet & dry filter for about £15. I just couldn't be bothered with that lol The tools aren't fantastic - but with a standard 35mm hose on can get accessories fairly cheap on t'interweb.
  13. Things I Do Like

    Ummm...Grey teeth? 
  14. Not long after I got the Focus, I was driving down the (then) girlfriends when the car started with a really loud metallic rattle.   Pulled over, revved the engine, killed the engine, restarted it - no noise.   Started driving off and after a few minutes, it started again! I grabbed my metal travel mug and took a slurp of coffee.  I realised that the noise can see where this is going...put the mug back - rattle...take it out - no rattle!!  I felt equally relieved and stupid.  Pulled over again and wrapped some zinc oxide tape around the mug where it sat in the cup holder.  It's still there now almost 3 and half years later  (To be fair, I haven't used that mug for a long while - I now have a Contigo mug - awesome bit of kit!!)
  15. Things I Do Like

    Glad your lesson went well :-) One thing to be aware of with the Punto...the sides curve out slightly, making parking straight chuffin' fact, I blame the Punto for my habit of abandoning the car rather than parking it :P