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  1. Shock absorber?
  2. The diesels aren't as fussy. My Mondeo will run quite happily on whatever is in the tank. My Focus used to be sluggish, unresponsive and idle was a bit lumpy on Asda or Morrisions petrol. After a couple of tanks of Shell Fuel-Save Regular, the car was back to its normal self. No lab/controlled tests, but when your Mother says "What's wrong withthe car? It doesn't seem right!" then it's a fairly good indicator lol
  3. It is indeed - @Stoney871 - over to you lol
  4. Not enough of a gain to warrant it on a regular basis. The odd tank may help on a long run to "clear the pipes" I would recommend sticking with the big brands - my Focus was never happy on cheap supermarket petrol. Asda and Morrison's especially. Shell was my preferred choice.
  5. then... Ladies, don't forget to grab me - please be gentle & don't dump me (Yes, that's the clue - no it isn't a cheesey chat up line lol)
  6. Exhaust manifold?
  7. Steering rack limiter?
  8. I'm a muppet!! Got tax reminder last month...went online to do it - but the service was unavailable. Thought "Sod it, try again tomorrow" and promptly forgot... Got the "Last Chance" letter in the post yesterday...oops... Ironically, the car has been off the road for all but 1 journey back to Motordepot. Wasn't SORN'd though.'s done now I've had confirmation from Motordepot that it now has an MOT! 1 small advisory (oil leak on the gearbox - checked it out myself, nothing actively leaking - think it's more likely a stain - Focus did the same) £115 for my 2 litre diesel, cheaper than the OH's 1.6l CMAX...hehe
  9. It isn't as bad as I expected... ...not to my taste though lol As for the lights - the old lacquer had broken down and crazed like...well...crazy. A good going over with some 2000-grit wet & dry followed by rubbing compound got rid of most of the crazing. In hindsight, I wohld have started with something a little more coarse. Finally, several coats of a UV stable PU laquer to finish. It's amazing how much better the lights work now lol
  10. Reasonably productive week. Managed to get my car back together and taken to the dealer for an MOT (it's part of my service plan). However, they couldn't guaruntee getting it done before Saturday. Left it with them, not really fussed - got the OH's car to play with. Today we've decided to restore her headlights - sand back, polish and re-laquer them. That's my job. She's decided to sticker-bomb her bumper because she can't be bothered to get it resprayed lol Attached are before/after photos...still not perfect, but considerably better than what they were. Also one of her stickering up the bumper. She will kill me if she sees it
  11. My car is currently sat with the dealer I bought it from awaiting an MOT - they're going to try squeeze it in before Saturday lol My other half, on the other hand parked across 3 bays in Asda the other day...didn't have my phone lol (She's an unofficial member...she has FOC stickers on her CMAX but leaves all the questions to me lol)
  12. Indicators? (I swear you've just come back to torment us with your cryptic clues again )
  13. Sooo...basically any photo of my parking then
  14. The biggest problem with motorways for new drivers is that they believe they're this mystical realm so full danger and strange, complicated rules... Why? Simply because they aren't allowed to go on them as a Learner. So they form this opinion that they must be difficult to drive on, the rules must be incredibly difficult to understand and that if you don't follow them perfectly, you will end up crashing in a big fireball and causing 1000 mile tailbacks...all because your speedo hit 71! I think it's a good thing. And by catching drivers at the most receptive time if their driving lives, we may see an improvement in general motorway behaviour. Obviously it should make it safer too - even if it only reduces fear.
  15. Well...I'm currently in Scunthorpe...