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  1. Honestly Steve? Not much...just more convenient having the app - not to mention force of habit (I'm still using it now lol)
  2. Ohh...I dunno... My other half has a cat...and the amount times we all end up with his hairy balls in our faces is unbelievable!! (He hates other cats - he was brought up by a rabbit and there aren't any kittens in the area, never mind any that look like him lol) Not only that, sometimes when you stroke him, he err...pops out the lipstick...
  3. Also, be aware that the maximum towing weight for the Focus is 1200kg if my memory serves me correctly
  4. The miles thing is a maximum - you're saying that you don't expect to exceed that figure. My only thought is that by stating that your additional driver is driving more miles with a smart box than you, would that be considered fronting? The fact that you don't see him and he hasn't even seen your car is irrelevant. By saying he's doing more miles than you is basically the same as saying that he is the primary user. If you had added him with less mileage than you, then it wouldn't be a problem - because you're then saying that you are the primary user.
  5. I added a towbar & got a £9 refund and no admin charge...then changed the reg and got hit with an admin fee :-(
  6. (Pssst...Alex...that's not chocolate whip...) :D
  7. I hope that at least comes with a free bottle of lube...
  8. Yeah, but Lenny...the Focus started off with just a couple of little tweaks, and look how that ended up lol
  9. Balloons are most definitely party worthy!! Awesome :D
  10. Admiral are the 2nd cheapest quote for me this year - Elephant beating their sister company by about £2.80 over the year lol That's with 1 at fault accident 4 years ago lol
  11. I'm with Start Rescue - had a few callouts - excellent service from them!!
  12. Oh dear...whassup? Has she decided that she liked the house the way it was? Lol
  13. Waze is also excellent. Community reporting based traffic alerts, alternative route suggestions, detours etc... All in real-time :) Woo...fellow Wazer lol
  14. I've had that a couple of times...once on the M180, the (then) girlfriend needed to poo (genuinely lol) As my speed hit nin...seventy-three, a Volvo suddenly appeared to my right - you know the ones with the very bright battenburg pattern? Yeah...a glance and a wag of the finger from him, a slight look of confusion followed by mouthing "oh sh...sorry!!" and slowing down and away he went...probably to Donny services for a poo... 2nd time, driving into Portsmouth and I missed the sign where it drops to 40 from 70. Passenger looked like he wanted to pull me - slightly older driver looked over and shook his head at me (to be fair, I had started slowing down - having realised it was now a 40 lol) Much easier not to speed in the control or speed limiter set and away I trundle lol
  15. Interestingly, reverse lights are not a legal requirement! They're an auxiliary light lol Can you trace the wires going back?