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  1. The 1.8 petrol (125hp/130ps) doesn't do too badly at towing to be fair. It's just not a particularly efficient engine. I'm lucky to get 300 miles out of a tank. I did eek out 400 on a very long, very steady run down to Weymouth once. Never managed to repeat it lol
  2. Some (was most) people who switch to diesel find it hard to switch back. The combination of economy with all that easily available low down power (or Grunt), is quite hard to give up. Low down grunt will be useful...I intend to continue towing boats amongst other things lol
  3. Not sure if this is a dislike as fact the background to is very definitely a like!! I'm about to start doing a lot more motorway miles (Grimsby > Scunthorpe) on a regular basis and got thinking about fuel usage. As much as I love my Focus, it is a bit thirsty. Do I trade it in for a diesel now? If so, what do I go for? I have seen a very nice looking 12-plate Mondeo estate with the 2.2l engine - in Scunthorpe coincidentally. Better fuel figures, and a mate had one - until it was written off by a presumably uninsured driver - who rated it very highly. Gah...I dunno...
  4. Fixed that for you ;):D Seriously though - all the best for your interview bud :)
  5. I haven't colour coded mine (unless you count dirt as colour coding lol). The ebay specials were a very similar colour anyway
  6. My local Tesco is. My old fan burnt out (I use it all the time - my bedroom is always hot & stuffy, even in winter with no heating on. Picked one up at about half 11 last night - funky looking chromed thing lol (Still 29C in my bedroom...) Machine Mart seem to favour their town centre locations with limited parking, particularly limited, when you've bought something heavy and awkward to carry. My local one is on a corner, double yellows in front and halfway up the one way side road. There's a school behind it with no car park, so if you can find a solitary space on a weekday, you feel rather fortunate. Should you see someone move out behind you in your rear view mirror, you've got go round the one way system, to get back to where they were, and hope no-one else slipped in as you went round. My one has a fairly good car park by Machine Mart standards (a. It has one b. You can fit more than one car in it and c. It's accessed via a very quiet road...mind you, Asda is literally straight across the road if needs be lol)
  7. Last minute boating session with Cadets. Got bored, so I jumped in...water was lovely and warm!!
  8. Nintendo made the Wii lol
  9. If it's just water loss then I really wouldn't worry about a failed HG. It's common for Ford's to find their own equilibrium. No matter how often I top up mine it drops to around the halfway mark. If it's really excessive, and there are no obvious leaks - then try a new expansion cap first
  10. Grimsby yes, Fiesta no lol
  11. In fact - further to my last: Look at this on eBay
  12. Ebay - PF Jones Around £85 for the towbar and bypass relay
  13. My ex had her car done on the same setup - friggin' miles out!! Took it to an old school back street tyre fitter. Chap looked at the car and pointed out that you could see the wheels were well out!! They aligned it better, but were still not 100% happy - so they didn't charge her!! (The fact she was wearing a low cut top and has rather large boobies may have helped lol)
  14. I've learned that a few days doing naff all with great company in the middle of nowhere really is good for the soul!!
  15. I have one very similar. It's handy to have! It will start my car, but not if the battery itself is knackered (yeah...oops). Nor will it start a boat when the starter has been submerged and is consequently seized. But other than that, it's a cracking little thing!! As well as 12v starting, mune has 2.1A USB slots and a 19V laptop plug (with a variety of ends on it)