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  1. I tried catching a train once...didn't manage it though... My net wasn't big enough
  2. And you can crash without real-world consequences...driving at 100mph and slam into a wall head on? No problem - just back up, turn round and carry on!
  3. The track out was pretty rough - caravan bounced a good-un even at 10mph. That coupled with the age of the tyres, the fact it's been stood for a long time and I suspect it's been run at the wrong pressure(s) just gave up. I thought I was fine - stick the spare on and head was the wrong sized wheel!! Eventually managed to acquire a whole new wheel through a friend of a friend in the nearby village (literally 300yds from where I was). Chap was going to throw it away because his new caravan was 5-stud, so he let me have it for nowt!! Nor had I lol First time for everything lol
  4. Picked up an ebay purchase yesterday a caravan. Had a look round it last weekend, fell in love with it - good enough to use but just enough needing doing to keep it interesting. Just got out onto the main road and I hear this weird thunk-flp, thunk-flp. Thought I'd blown a tyre, stopped and had a look - all looks good, except the cowling on the A-frame seemed a bit loose. Meh - no worries, sort it later. Carry on and then I hear clunk-thud-clunk thud and see the van bouncing. Manage to tease it around the very sharp bend on the very narrow road. Got out and thought "that's odd...I don't remember seeing mud flaps on the van?" It wasn't a mud flap...
  5. My accident isn't on there
  6. Nope - just get used to hearing it, doesn't take long. Or take comfort in the fact that it's working
  7. It is an absolute git to reach!!
  8. Absolutely nothing to worry about - it's an ABS self-check
  9. I'd be inclined to say no. Not unless your inverter has a very high wattage (continuous - not peak) Inverters are also very heavy on batteries - obviously the bigger it is, the bigger the drain
  10. Steak & "trouser friendly kiss" day tomorrow...unfortunately I have cadets tomorrow my chance of getting either slim :-( I like my steak no more than medium, and I'm not too fussy about the cut. The only thing I like on it is a little salt & pepper
  11. And yet both the Titanic and Herald of Free Enterprise disasters have gone on to save a lot more lives than were lost!! Titanic led to the introduction of SOLAS (Safety Of Lives At Sea) and the HFR saw more amendments to that.
  12. Is it a Rover? My like for the day: managed to clean out the car - soo much nicer smelling now lol Just the outside to do next! Eventually Maybe
  13. Give it another 70 years and we probably will have Herald of Free Enterprise pun based items. Same for Costa Concordia
  14. For my Mondeo, I went with a Right Connect wiring kit. Needed activating in order to use the indicator warnings - but that was easy done using the modified ELM Cable and ELMConfig. I also went with a 13-pin setup