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  1. The cynic in me wonders if the oil was drained, but not filled up properly afterwards...
  2. Mondeo headlamps!! They're a right royal pain in the ***** to remove!! Looks easy enough...2 screws, wiggle & jiggle and out. The frigging things don't jiggle out very easily at all!! Nearly half an hour I spent faffing with them!!
  3. Thought they warmed up quite nicely without glow plugs lol My like is almost related to the fog lights thing...rear though - the bulbs are NOT as listed in the book, but are very quick and easy to change...under a minute per side! Unlike the headlamps!! Just fitted Nightbreakers after my ns dipped beam blew the other day. Also washed the car as my other half pointed out that neither of my numberplates were readable through the dirt...oops lol
  4. I have 2 questions... 1. Doesn't Santa have his sleigh & reindeer? 2. How is Santa supposed to ride 3 bikes at once? :D
  5. Same sort of figures I get out of my 2.0 Mondeo (also 140hp)
  6. Ooo...I need to update that lol's a Mondeo now lol
  7. Little bit foggy out tonight as I drove to Scunthorpe...really rolled on thick as I dropped onto Mortalash Hill...soo...seeing as vis was about 30m - I popped my rear fogs on...which is a very literal turn of phrase... It went with a real pop & then the dashboard bongs at me to say "Rear Fog Bulb Fault" sh-trange foreign cheese...
  8. Probably the day you sell it lol
  9. Found out that my recently deceased uncle had inadvertently been growing weed in his weeds lol We suspect that it was from hemp seeds that have spilled from birdseed - he was a keen birdwatcher in his day!!
  10. I was passed by the Streetview car a few weeks ago...can't remember where I was though lol (M62 or M18 maybe lol)
  11. Ohhh...I'm not paying!! I will fight it!!
  12. Got a parking charge notice in the post this morning...apparently, I stayed at Rivington services for over 17hrs!! What appears to happened is they've got 2 visits combined...which would be understandable if they weren't on opposite sides of the sodding motorway!!
  13. Just watched it - loved it! And not a single stab at the Beeb...*ahem*
  14. From what I recall, it depends which plant your car was built as to which bulbs it requires. Always worth removing a bulb to confirm first!! RE: Nightbreakers - I only ever did the dipped beams - the full beams were alright - and to be honest, never used them often enough to warrant the expense. Besides, the Nightbreakers in the dipped beams were enough of an improvement that I used the mains even less! Think I got mine off of Amazon once, and Halfords (with forum discount card) for a replacement set
  15. My Focus had a rear plate with it across the bottom...that sticker across the front lower grill Both are still on it lol