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  1. I could have done with that!! Although, yesterday was a fair bit warmer, tad wet with the passage of a warm front - but still warmer!! Actually, yesterday was a very good day... PBI Assessment day went well. My practical lesson was the first to be assessed - had a 13 year old lad to teach. He's only been a Sea Cadet for a month! Never stepped foot in a power boat before!! He was (understandably) nervous when he started (RIB with a 50hp engine capable of 20-25kn ish). In fact, when I asked him to take the helm he almost pooped himself. Within a few minutes he was relaxed and handling the boat as though he'd been doing it years!! He got about 2 and half hours on the water in 2 different boats and even the assessor noted how well he was doing. I sincerely hope he carries on, not only with cadets but power boating!! Apparently, he told the assessor that he felt safe with me as his instructor I passed the course!! Even if I hadn't, it would still have been worth it - just for the reaction of that lad!!
  2. I rather foolishly agreed to do my Power Boat Instructor course before checking when it was... Assessment day tomorrow - and I haven't been asked to go home yet...soo...err...fingers crossed
  3. The weather! So chuffin' cold!! Not nice when you're on the water all day in power boats!! Only another 3 days to go...
  4. My Mum had a GSD in the 80's, only ever barked once and made himself jump lol Only ever seen photos, but he was a very handsome dog!! Incredibly well natured too apparently! Went on to become Supreme Champion of Northern Ireland - the judges reckoned he would have done well at Crufts.
  5. Just arrived at Welsh Harp near Brent Cross with my cadet OIC (we're doing our Powerboat Instructors course) I've also towed a trailer down to collect a dozen kayaks (big yay - they're free :D) Stewart nearly pooed himself because I have a "when in Rome" approach to driving! Some eejjit tried to stop me pulling out to avoid some parked/abandoned cars...soo I pulled out's fine...he didn't hit me or the trailer - it was close lol (My choices were slam the brakes on and still plough into the cars because this guy dropped into lane 2 from 3 with no warning or indicators - or pull out and risk a bent lightboard strut. As it happened, he slowed down)
  6. I dunno...the lengths some people go to to avoid paying for parking
  7. Don't know about integration with the car - I would guess that it would require a LOT of work. (sensors, loom, possibly new BCM, coding of said BCM, maybe replacement dash and recoding? Honestly, doubt it's worth it...especially when really, you ought to be looking behind you - which is why I prefer the audible ones) As for X-Vision, probably be better off buying an ebay (under £15) special and using a tin of touch up paint to colour code them. That's basically all the X-Vision system is as far as I can tell.
  8. I'm fairly sure that it is a straight swap - provided you have the MK2.5 lenses to go with it Don't take my word as gospel though
  9. The medication I'm on gives some fantastic dreams lol Although - if I dream about needing to pee but keep getting blocked, or no relief then I need to go in real life. Come close a few times 😂 I also have almost lucid dreams sometimes. I know I'm dreaming, but I don't try and take control...I like to see where my subconscious is taking me lol
  10. My 2012 Mondeo is the same - Titanium trim level lol
  11. Thule - not cheap...although they do come up on offer in Halfords fairly often - even better if you have a Forum Discount Card
  12. Funny you should mention Woolworths...I found a pack of unopened picture hooks from Woolies the other day lol
  13. It's not as daunting as it looks...honest lol Pop off your rear bumper, and mark out where you want the sensors. There might even be marks there already! Drill through and clean up the holes then reattach the bumper. There should be a rubber grommet under the back end somewhere - feed through the wires for the sensors through the bumper holes then through the grommet For the control box you need access to the rear lights. Tap into the reverse light wire (positive) and also the nearest earth point. Plug in the wires to the box and make sure that the sensors are all properly inserted and yer done!
  14. I'll be honest, I doubt that you will find much help for this... We're primarily British on here and don't know much about extended warranty providers in the US Sorry
  15. Had a presentation night at Cadets tonight!! I have some seriously awesome cadets!!