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  1. Check your handbook for the reset procedure as Phil suggests. Had the same thing happen with my Mondeo. Had to do the reset on each window individually
  2. Good to hear Pipper is back on form
  3. Couple of likes today...firstly, at long last, I'm being offered a permanent contract with the RFA! More of a like: PUPPY!! She's growing soo quickly!! Most people think she's 7 or 8 months old...not 3!! Only another 2 weeks before we can walk her properly!! Being so bright and energetic, she's getting bored and frustrated being at matter how many toys we have for her, or games we play. Some of her favourite toys are the random crap we've acquired...couple of lengths of rope (handy being able to tie knots), an old fender...not to mention socks...the stinkier the better!! She has calmed a little since swapping her diet to raw. Local butchers have a good range of meat they put aside for dogs She also loves frozen blueberries!!
  4. It's an earthing issue - I just haven't had a chance to sort it it! My OH has a V40 - but it's not on the road lol I have spotted an old Defender that's been sat for a few years...might be worth knocking on a door and making a cheeky offer hehe What's she moaning about? They smell better than half the laundry products out there lol
  5. If you go down the Brodit route - get it from Fraction of the price compared to Brodit direct. I whole heartedly recommend Brodit!! Had one in the Focus and now one for the Mondeo. Tried convincing the OH to get one for her new CMAX. No such luck lol
  6. Unfortunately not - woman in a Corsa decides that she wanted the entire road and lurched into the middle of the road - just as I was coming out of a gap. It was either swerve and mount the curb or collide. My front dashcam doesn't work and the rear missed the plate. All I know is it was a woman in a dark coloured Corsa - maybe green. May have been 06 plate? All too vague to pursue. Tempted to trade the Mondeo in for something a bit more...intimidating...a tank perhaps...might just go look on ebay for a tank now!
  7. Nearly got ran off the road earlier. Popped a tyre on a kerb. Tyre has been on less than 2 weeks, less than 200 miles on it!
  8. Technically not me...but my other half lol However, she doesn't do forums - soo'll still be me!! About the car: It's an 06 in black,1.6 petrol in Zetec trim with a near full service history. 134k on the clock, just had new pads and discs all round, and a new exhaust. For it's age and mileage it's in pretty good nick. Few age related dents and chips - as you'd expect. Inside it's used, but still perfectly serviceable. Mechanically - it needs tracking doing (given that it's a fat Focus, I'm guessing it's prone to the same tracking issues?). Oh and an AC regas is also in its future. Overall, it's a very pleasant drive. Not dissimilar to the Focus. I was very surprised at how well it handles for its size!! Granted, compared to the Mondeo, it's a bit gutless...but it's not mine, I don't care lol It already has FOC stickers - got 'em in my renewal pack last week
  9. Try a lense from 3D glasses - they're polarised
  10. I've just been out and measured my jack in its lowest position - about 4-5" (I say measured...held my fingers up to it lol) The only thing I can think of to try (I genuinely have been pondering since I posted above) is to try slide the jack under the sill on its side, then twist. If you had a 2nd jack, you coukd also try jacking it up from the opposite end to gain a bit of clearance - then get the second jack under the second jacking point and carry on fron there
  11. I can see why you'd be feeling deflated...perhaps even a little... ...tyred... I wheely don't know what to suggest...but you did literally ask for it
  12. Ohh yes lol Hope so Her first night went quite well - even if my other half was up until 3am just to make sure she was asleep lol We had a few little accidents - but we have laminate flooring - so nice and easy to clean. She does much prefer going outside though - unfortunately, we can't leave the back door open like puppy-mummy did. Certainly won't take her long to get back on track with house-training. Other than that, she's making herself quite comfortable...currently fast asleep under the coffee table. Her other favourite spot so far is MY spot on the sofa (I guess it WAS my spot lol) Can't believe how chilled out she is already
  13. And a wonderful name it is too
  14. Freya - her Dad is a HUGE German Shepard called Thor (standing 6'2" on his hind legs). Mum is an absolutely gorgeous Husky called Luna - both Mum & Dad are very clever dogs!! Freya is already showing signs she's also a very clever little pooch!! And she is gorgeous!! Only one in the litter to have anything resembling Husky markings!!
  15. Oooo...forgot my like... Pick this little cutie up in about 17 hours