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  1. Things I Do Like

    My Mum used to work at a local Community Centre where the Probation Service placed people doing Community Service. They were primarily involved with the community garden out the back.  Over the years it grew from a patch of dodgy grass and tarmac into a lovely multi-zoned garden. They're still involved - and still worked hard!!  The majority of them have turned around and said that they feel they're giving more back to the community by doing that rather than walking round painting railings.  Few of them stayed on as volunteers after they'd finished their community service as well.
  2. Insurance

    The insurance companies have different "brokers" representing them on each comparison website.  It's a trick they have to ensure they are offering exclusive prices to each comparison website.   Each comparison website has slightly different questions - which results in slightly different quotes. I used Topcashback this year.  Using their comparison tool, I had a quote come back at about 30p more than the cheapest quote elsewhere (same insurance company - Esure). This one came with £70 cashback though :D  The 90 day wait was worth the initial extra 30p lol
  3. General Forum??

    I did have a hand in running one a few years ago - kind of fizzled out because there wasn't much we had in common.
  4. Quite possibly - they're bolted onto the moubts for a reason. Get it replaced ASAP - and don't let your mate tinker again!!
  5. Insurance

    Look at cashback websites for one Two - try tweaking tour job title slightly...Martin Lewis has some good articles and tools on his website about car insurance
  6. space saver

    Look here: And it appears not
  7. Things I Do Like

    What do you mean by stodgy beans?  I thought baked beans only came in one texture... When they're seriously overcooked and there isn't much sauce left Especially good from a Bain Marie!! Used to love the 4-8 watch - the beans were stodgy and the tea stewed - perfect!! Even if the Stewards looked at me like I was from another planet!!
  8. Things I Don't Like

    There's a couple round my way. One is a Range Rover that's been tinkered with by Overfinch. Stupidly big rims on !Removed!-paper thick tyres, slammed (ground clearance is barely more than my Focus!!) and generally looking chavvy and awful!! I've been looking at Discovery's of various ages/spec/location. Think that be the route I go down (Defenders are waaaayyyyy over priced in my opinion)
  9. Things I Don't Like

    Even worse are the idiots that buy a 4x4 and slam that lower than a snakes !Removed!!! What is the point? I want a Land Rover, and if anything, it's going the opposite way - lifted for extra geound clearance because I want to use it for its intended purpose!!
  10. What Insurance?

    So called Black Box policies. They are still available - just make sure you check out the small print properly...they can be quite restrictive
  11. Things I Don't Like

    Trying to update my phone! It's been telling me for ages that there's a software update available for it.  Download it without problem, go to do the install...BAM...Error... Try using KIES to do it, and the thing just freezes up! Research it and try a factory reset (backing everything important up to a few different places...just in case).  No ball. FINALLY - I've managed to get KIES to at least download the effing update!!  Still only at 37% - but that's further than previous efforts. Roll on September & Upgrade time...
  12. Ford owners web site upgrade

    When using the quote function on the app, if there is already an embedded quote - it doesn't work properly.  The app appears to be using the old BB Code, whereas the forum has switched to proper HTML (for want of a better description).
  13. Ford owners web site upgrade

    Is "fixing the quote system by giing back to BB code for quoting" on the list?
  14. Things I Don't Like

    Whatever are you suggesting Phil!? Putting it on the door knob so they can't get in...obviously
  15. Things I Do Like

    How the heck did you end up with 47kg of spuds? Lol